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Our Hair Extensions vary greatly in price, depending on the following:

  • How many hair extensions you have applied
  • The quality of hair extensions you select
  • Which hair extensions application method you choose

For a full price list please view our Price List.

Clip In hair extensions do not need to be washed often, as they do not receive oils from our scalp like our natural hair. We recommend washing your extensions every 15-20 wears or when you notice a build-up of product. The less you wash your extensions the longer they will last. 

When you are washing your extensions you treat them similarly to your own hair, using a shampoo first followed by conditioner and a hydrating mask. When you are washing the hair never use circular motions as it may tangle the hair and always rinse thoroughly to remove excess product.

If you are wearing more permanent hair extensions, like Tape, it is recommended that you wash your hair extensions 2-3 times per week with our Hydrate range, in addition to using a weekly mask. 

Our Hair Extensions come in over 50 colours and blends including Balayage Hair Extensions, Ombre Hair Extensions, Two-tone, Highlight and Lowlight Hair Extensions, Pop and Pastel Colours. 

We stock all of the colours at the salon and are able to use several colours to ensure a natural seamless result.  Our qualified stylists also specialise in colour matching if you have a very unique colour that requires your hair or the hair extensions to be dyed. 

If you need help selecting a shade to purchase online, please email a selfie to and one of our team members will help you find your perfect match.

The shortest your hair should be for a natural result is approximately 2-3 inches long. Check out the amazing transformation we did on one of our gorgeous clients! 

If you are unsure whether your hair is long enough please contact us on 1300 545 422 to book a consultation or alternatively send a selfie to



Not sure which is the perfect shade for you?

We offer a Bespoke Colour Matching service to help you find the right Colour for your hair.

Send us the best 3 photos you have of your hair, and our Colour Matching Gurus will send you the link to your perfect shade!