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What Hair Extensions are best for me?

At a Consultation we go over the following:

  1. Perform a Hair Analysis with your hair type, thickness , length and concerns 
  2. Discuss what your are wanting to achieve or fix with Hair Extensions and your hair goals 
  3. Learn about the available application methods and maintenance required for each type, and determine which is going to be best suited to you and your lifestyle - We have Clips, Halos, Ponys, Tapes & Weft!
  4. Look at all of the different colours, sets and lengths. You can feel the hair quality, textures and make your choice, or we will send you lots of amazing photos and videos for your peace of mind. If you choose online consultation we will take brand new photos & videos for you to see
  5. We will recommend the application method, how many to apply / which set, colour, and length 
  6. Answer all of your questions about Hair Extensions and hair care 
  7. Buy and take home your amazing New Hair Extensions 

At Kiki Hair Extensions we specialise in every-thing Hair Extensions, and to ensure that we are the leaders in our field, we keep our gorgeous range of Extensions in our Show Room at our Head Office. We have basic natural colours, an assortment of stunning blonde hair extensions, foiled colours to blend with multi-tonal hair, reds, coppers, the very popular balayage hair extensions and ombre hair extensions, as well as some vibrant and fun colours such as lilac, pastel pink, and purples if you are feeling creative!

You are more than welcome to take a walk with us into our Hair Extensions Show Room where we can discuss the endless possibilities with your hair and have a look at our hair extensions from across the globe in every colour, length and texture you can imagine!


Tape Hair Extensions are considered one of the best hair extension methods & the most popular hair extensions type on the market for that invisible feel. A thin section of the natural hair is picked up and the Tape piece is applied to either side using double-sided sticky tape tabs, which is already attached to our tape extensions piece. Tape Hair Extensions are perfect for adding volume, thickness & length while looking and feeling like your own hair! They can be easily moved around on your appointment, and discreetly blends with your natural hair. Tape Ins are also great if you would like to extend your fringe / more side shaping around your face, achieve a nice thick blunt cut, or add highlights or low lights to your look without colouring your own hair. Tapes are great if you wear your hair in low ponytails or wear your hair out regularly. They can be worn swimming , and for excesses however we do recommend that if you do swim regularly you opt for clip ins, halos and ponytails. 


Clip In Hair Extensions help you get the desired volume, thickness or length in minutes at home, with no salon and no experience needed. Clip Ins are a fantastic option if you would just like long or thick hair for your every day wear, or for a special event ✨ They are amazing for diverse styles like wearing them long & out, in high ponytails, low ponytails or creative half up & down looks. Our Clips are ready to wear and blend with most hair types, however we do recommend having your Clip-In Hair Extensions style cut to blend in with your own hair, to ensure that when you put them in that they blend seamlessly. Contact Kiki to find your local Stylist today  


Weft Hair Extensions are an easy and low maintenance option to add length and volume. They are wefts of hair that we can apply by either braiding, sewing or attaching with beads to your natural hair. Weft Hair Extensions are more suitable for women with thicker hair, as each piece of hair is quite large and therefore more heavy than the other available methods.Weft Hair Extensions are ideal if you like to wear your hair out, as the wefts are wide pieces they have proven to be more difficult to hide and less flexible when wearing your hair up.



Halo Extensions is longer, thicker, fuller hair in seconds!

Halos are specifically designed for clients looking for something with no pulling, no clips and no glue. This damage free and low commitment method is the quickest and easiest to apply especially to short, thin and fine layered hair. Watch the transformation happen within 20 seconds!

Your one-piece Halo is fitted on your crown, with an invisible wire -- adjustable with your Halo band. Just simply brush your top section over your Halo wire & band and out the door! 

Effortless, easy to use, care for & style - it's the hair you have always wanted! (without the commitment).