Tape Hair Extensions






Dubbed as “The luxury extensions of the time conscious,” Tape Hair Extensions have recently taken the world by storm and become a bestseller especially among women who are always on the move. Celebrities swear by them. The average woman wants to have them. With their ease of use, quick application, and efficiency, tape hair extensions have become well-loved among consumers and hairstylists alike worldwide.
We, at Kiki Hair, understand your need to look your best. Whether it’s a dramatic haircut or colour change, there’s definitely something about switching up those locks that makes every woman feel brand new. Our tape hair extensions are real remy hair and are available in a great range of solid colours, exciting highlights, and beautifully-blended balayages. They come in 20” and 26” lengths, and you can cut them to suit your current hairstyle or style them to reflect your mood-- with less worry about damaging your hair. 
At Kiki Hair, our tape hair extensions are made in cutting-edge technology, with the finest-quality adhesives, letting you rock those locks for a long period of time. We can get you wearing a full head of hair in less than 30 minutes. We can have them moved up every six to eight weeks, depending on how fast your natural hair grows. Our tape hair extensions are made from guaranteed 100% premium Remy hair, assuring you of durability and longevity.
One of the reasons why our tape extensions are a hit among girls and women is that they can wear them in the pool, in the shower, or even at the gym. If you have an active lifestyle, you can participate in any activity and look just as stunning! Our tape hair extensions are made to survive moisture, which means you will save a lot of time caring for them.
Whether you want to go from a bob to Pocahontas-length overnight, or simply want to sport a Platinum colour over the weekend, we understand how daunting it must be to experiment with faux hair. Don’t let that hold you back. Contact us via our customer care at info@kikihairextensions.com.au. We’ll help you make the right decision.


Not sure which is the perfect shade for you?

We offer a Bespoke Colour Matching service to help you find the right Colour for your hair.

Send us the best 3 photos you have of your hair, and our Colour Matching Gurus will send you the link to your perfect shade!