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Tape In Extensions

Out of the permanent hair extensions methods we have, our tapes are the most popular hair extensions world-wide. They are the easiest method to maintain due to their thin and wide construction. They're made with a type of adhesive that makes them durable enough to withstand hairstyling procedures, but safe enough to wear for month on end.

They look like your natural head of hair with the bonds lying flat against your hair and are ultra-comfortable.. you tend to forget about them completely until you get another glimpse of your long, lush mane in the mirror!

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what are

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions are another type of permanent extensions that are attached onto your hair by the method of your choice - either braids or beads to create a secure base.

Our Weft Extensions are ideal for achieve voluminous, natural-looking laters of hair & since the weft extensions have a secure base you don't have to worry about them slipping!

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Weather your in the mood for a fabulous Ponytails, or just wanting to get a quick fix for your second - or third-day hair, KikiPonytails are the perfect solution! Just comb in, wrap & Go - it's as quick as 1,2,3! 😍

Kiki Ponytails can be worn easily and casually during the day, making your look instantly adorable. Or you can use them to add some major glamour to your evening look. With Classic 20" and Deluxe 26" Ponytails and Bundles - you can achieve any desired look!

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For those who are stocked about joining the hair extension trend but are dreading to get stuck with hair extensions for a long time - clip ins are the answer to your prayers!

The benefits of Clip In hair extensions are just too many to mention, but for one they are for those who are dreaming of Disney "Princess-Esque" locks instantly.

They are an excellent alternative to permanent hair extensions as they last a REALLY long time. They're super affordable in comparison to permanent extensions and they are so easy to maintain!

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