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Article: Best Professional Hair Extension tools

Best Professional Hair Extension tools

Best Professional Hair Extension tools

 If you've ever dabbled in creating amazing styles on your hair, you may be interested to know that the secret to many of these styles, as seen on celebs is actually hair extensions and how they have adhered to the hair of such famous person. You, like a celeb, want to use the best hair styling tools right?  

These days, when you see a celeb on a red carpet or in a magazine, chances are she is wearing either permanent or non-permanent hair extensions.  It's all about making sure the hair is attached correctly by styling with the best styling tools. 

Similarly, if you are a salon owner, you also may be interested in becoming part of the Kiki Hair family, by stocking our amazing hair extensions as well as the tools that go with them.

Today we'll talk the best styling tools that hairdressers can use in the salon and how you at home, can achieve the same looks as celebs do, by using the same tools. Then I'll add in a few hairstyles that will leave you looking red carpet ready! 


A little something about Kiki Hair

photo source: Kiki Hair

We know a lot about hair here at Kiki, so rest assured we know what we're talking about when we say we can offer you advice on the best hair styling tools for your hair.

We've been in the business of hair extensions for over 13 years now, with salons in Brisbane and Melbourne.  Some benefits of ordering from us: 

  • We stock all products so your order is shipped within 24 hours. 

  • We have a large range of premium Remy human hair

  • Hair is available in 20 and 26 inch

  • Colour range is one of the largest in Australia, with over 15 options or more, depending on the style you choose

  • You have the option of curly, straight or wavy hair to suit your own hair.

  • We offer chemical straightening in the salons to de-frizz your hair so that it matches your fab new extensions

  • Afterpay is available on all items.

Okay, now that the formalities are over with, let's get on to the reason we're here today, to talk all about the best hair styling tools that should be used to both place your extensions on your head, and those to use to make your extensions extra glam and ready for a night out. 


In Salon: best professional hair stylist tools

If you've made the decision as a salon owner to stock the best range of Kiki hair extensions, you will also need to get yourself our awesome tools to help make attaching the hair extensions a lot easier.  Below I will go through what we stock, which you can see here and which type of extensions they work for.




photo source: Kiki Hair

If you have chosen to have tape extensions inserted, the good news is, you can re-use your tape extensions again and again.  This is where it's a good idea to make sure your salon has our tape replacement tabs ordered and ready to go for your next appointment!

We currently have 3 tab replacement options available  : 

  • 48 replacement tabs

  • 96 replacement tabs

  • 144 replacement tabs

Works with: 

Any salon selling and attaching our tape hair extensions.  You can order your selection of replacement tape tabs here




This is the only solution we recommend you use when removing your tape extensions from your head.  Furthermore, we do recommend you have them removed, or moved up by a trained professional, as you may cause your hair damage if not done properly. 

Works with:

Any salon selling, attaching and especially removing the Kiki tape hair extensions. Also works for bond and fusion hair extensions.  You can order the solution here




photo source: Kiki Hair

The colour ring contains all the colours we have available across all of our ranges of hair extensions.  They will provide you with a neat little guide to our colour shades when you are ordering extensions online or over the phone from us.

Works with:

Salons that purchase our hair extension range from us.  You can view and order the colour wheel here




photo source: Kiki Hair

Another great addition to any salon.  As you know, our hair extensions are 100% human Remy hair, so it can be dyed, cut and styled as usual.  This razor is heated, so it helps you trim the hair precisely, without pulling on the hair extensions.


Works with:

Any of our hair extensions, as they can all be cut and trimmed. You can view the razor here




photo source: Kiki Hair

These pliers are the perfect styling tool for using to attach and secure our Micro Bead hair extensions.  We love them as they are perfectly suited to sit in your hand as you fasten in the beads. 

Works with:

The adhering of micro bead extensions.  You can view them here




photo source: Kiki Hair


I-Tips Bead Threader is a perfect match for our Kiki Silicone Lined Micro Beads. 



Works with:

If you are attaching micro bead extensions these are for you. Get them here

At home: best styling tools

The below two products are actually great for both hairdressers and home styling and they are two of the best hair styling tools we have!




photo source: Kiki Hair


This gem of a brush - we can't rave about it enough. Its recommended that this brush is used morning and evening to ensure the lifespan and integrity of the hair.

What's so special about it? 

This brush has unique bristles which will is amazingly gentle on both your own hair and your extensions - be it wet or dry.  I love it for use in the shower to make sure that conditioner makes it all the way to the ends.  It is as ergonomic as they come, and fits snugly into the palm of your hand. Furthermore, it is compact enough to fit in your handbag.  All of the above makes it perfect for hair extensions maintenance whether they be permanent or of the clip-in variety.  

Get yourself one here

Works with:

This brush is suitable to use on all of our hair extensions as well as your own locks.



photo source: Kiki Hair


These are the hair ties you didn't know you needed in your life. They gently secure your hair whereever you want to tie it up, be it a low or high ponytail. The great things about this is that they bend and go where ever you need them to and they won't budge once in place.

You can buy them in boxes of 4, and they are available in silver, gold, baby pink, baby purple or a mix of the 4.  I'll take one of each, thanks!  You can score some for yourself here

 Works with: 

Any of our Kiki hair extension ranges and your own hair too.

Those are the absolute best hair styling tools we have in the salon, the Tangle Teezer and Ties are such great haircare tools that they fly out the door! 

The other styling tools you may consider are a Curling wand and a straightener. 



best hair styling tools, best professional hair stylist tools

photo source: Kiki Hair

If you do have a curling wand get ready to create some breathtaking curls, using the below approach. 

  • Section your hair into parts, about 2 inches thick
  • gently wrap your hair around the wand, holding onto the end and keeping that straight
  • wrap the hair in the direction you want the curl to go, usually away from your face
  • hold for a moment
  • repeat on each section
  • let the curls cool off and gently run your fingers through them
  • set with hairspray.




best hair styling tools

photo source: Kiki Hair

I don't know about you, but I can't live without my trusty hair straightener.  It gets me out of a bad hair day in 5 minutes tops.  If you're wanting to do a bit more than straighten your hair, try this top plait look. 

  • To achieve this first straighten your hair as you normally would, preferably in 6-8 sections.
  • section off the middle of the top of your hair and divide this into two
  • have one section tied and plait the first section
  • repeat for the second and fasten with bobby pins or a thin elastic.
  • hairspray if required.

I hope you've enjoyed learning all about the absolute best hair styling tools for your extensions as well as for your own hair, by using these tools your hair will be looking so shieke and shiny, you will need some shades!

Get in touch with us here, we absolutely love hearing from you.  If you are in Brisbane or Melbourne you can find our salon addresses in the above link also. 

Let's be social media friends! Like us on facebook  and follow us on instagram

'Til next time!

Kiki Hair








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