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Article: How to seamlessly blend hair extensions in short hair

How to seamlessly blend hair extensions in short hair

How to seamlessly blend hair extensions in short hair

Say good bye to your short hair for good!

Do you have short hair, but have always dreamed of having lushes locks?, but it was too much of a strain on your hair ? Your hair was too thin? Or it simply just did not grow? Well now you don't have to worry because with Kiki Hair extensions you can have the perfect length, style and colour to match to make those natural looking lushes lock dreams come true.

We at Kiki Hair Extensions have a wide variety of extensions such as; Pony Hair Extensions, Clip In Hair Extensions, Halo Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions and Weft Hair Extensions, which are all made from 100% remy human hair, which means that they are able to be styled, shaped and adapted to any type of hair.

If you have purchased hair extensions or have not had a professional hairdresser attach your extensions or you are looking to learn how to re attach your extensions to your short, fine or thin hair and need that extra bit of guidance than you have come to the right place. Often at times it can be tricky to place or replace extensions by yourself but the struggle is definitely more real when it comes to those who have short, fine or thinner hair as clips can often poke through fine hair and look tacky, they may not clip in due to the fine texture of your hair or the extensions themselves you may find are a bit too much and feel a bit heavy and feel weighted which is not the desired experience we wish you to have. However the knowledge, guidance, advice and steps we share in this blog post, plus our YouTube video below will ensure that you are able to blend your hair extensions effortlessly, providing you with natural and weightless looking locks.

Tip #1: Finding the perfect hair extensions that match your type of hair

As previously mentioned we at Kiki Hair extensions have a wide variety of hair extensions, however when it comes to choosing the perfect hair extensions type for short, fine or thin hair we believe that clip ins, tapes, or weft hair extensions are the most suitable for the job. However the perfect type of extensions comes down to you the clientele and your specific style, wants and needs. Although in saying that we strongly recommend weft hair clip ins so that their is a minimal clip and it easy for multiple individual wefts to sweep across in your hair and pull off a more natural look.


Tip #2 Preparing the Hair

Now that you have found the perfect hair extensions for your hair type and ready to apply or re apply them to your hair you need to make sure that you have a solid foundation, base if you will for the extensions to be applied. You may find that with your thin hair your fingers and extensions may slip and slide so in order not to do this we suggest that once you have sectioned off the part of the hair in which said extensions will be applied perhaps add a gentle touch of hairspray along with mild teasing just to provide your hair with that extra bit of stiffness to ensure the extensions will stick and hold into place. You can also use a texturising spray!

Tip #3 Preparing the hair part 2, Starting the application

Once you have your desired hair extensions with you start out by parting and combing your hair evenly to make sure of equal distribution of the extensions so it looks natural and not lopsided. After that step in order to blend your hair extensions for a natural look, take a comb tie the top of your hair up and then take the comb be sure to back comb the bottom layer and pin it up with bobby pins.

Tip #4 Blending The Extensions

In order to be able to blend your extensions seamlessly using clip in hair extensions take a 2 piece wefts in order to frame your face, clip on one side of the bottom layer that you just put up with bobby pins and use the weft/ sweep motion to move to the other side of your head and clip in at the other end. This then creates a clean look, continue by releasing the bottom layer of hair from the grasp of bobby pins so that the bottom layer can blend, continue to do this by sectioning off different areas and sections of your hair add in the remaining single or two piece wefts building from the bottom up to the top of the hair leaving the first two layers of your real hair to blend over the top of the extensions and providing you with a light, vibrant, quality and lengthy locks.


Tip #5 Layer Layer Layer

If you have short, thin or fine hair but it is naturally layered, adding layers to your Kiki Hair Extensions by a professional hairdresser can make a world of difference in creating a smooth, seamless transition from where your natural hair ends and your extensions begin. This will provide you with perfectly natural looking hair extensions. (Bonus Tip : If you plan on cutting your hair extensions we highly recommend that they are already clipped in and attached to your head during the haircut. It would also be helpful for you, a friend, a partner, family, or even the professional hairdresser to come up with a numbering system for the wefts, so that you and everyone else knows exactly where each weft is supposed to be clipped into in the future).

Tip #6 Styling

Now that you have your extensions in and although Kiki Hair Extensions look fabulous in any form, shape or style, but for the short, fine and thin haired girl to gain the maximised volume look we suggest styling wavy or more curled compared to just straight as it can look more natural and can help to hide the divide between your real hair and extensions. As Kiki Hair is 100% human hair you can create the bounce beach wave look by using a curling wand or iron, however be sure to protect the extensions and your own hair by using heat protection spray and washing the extensions as minimal as possible and with no chemical shampoo and conditioners.

We at Kiki Hair Extensions aim to provide you with best and most natural looking volume, length and quality of hair to make you our consumer the happiest customer and after just a matter of minutes and some guidance you have gone from short, thin, fine hair to beautiful, light, thick quality hair (Instagram Ready Lushes Locks.) To see all our tips and tricks for blending hair extensions in short hair check out our Youtube video here.

With Love,
Kiki x

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