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Article: The Best Hair & Hair Extension Styling Tools

The Best Hair & Hair Extension Styling Tools

The Best Hair & Hair Extension Styling Tools


The amazing thing about Kiki hair extensions is that they can be blow-dried, styled, curled and straightened, just like you would your natural hair. But with all the different styling tools available, it is understandably confusing and very daunting to pick which ones will be just perfect for you!

One common question we encounter with all our clients is whether or not they can use the same hair care tools that they are using to style their natural hair. Our answer to that is YES; however, we recommend that they consider making some small changes to ensure they keep their hair extensions in the best possible condition and can enjoy them for longest period of time.

Here is our comprehensive guide to the best hair styling tools and how to use them for your hair extensions:

Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is the most common styling staple that no woman can do without.

Photo Source: Ulta Beauty 

The hair dryer is among the best hair styling tools we recommend for your hair extensions. It is one of the most common beauty staples no woman can do without. You can use it on your human hair extensions, but something to keep in mind is to check if yours is one with multiple heat settings, so you can easily adjust it, if it is very powerful.

Use the lowest heat setting possible when using the hair dryer on your hair extensions. If you have the time, use the warm setting, despite having to use it longer. Exercise extra caution when using the hair dryer if you have pre-bonded hair extensions. The warm setting is the best way to go to avoid melting them or making them turn sticky.

Always remember to protect your new hair investment with a great quality heat protector such as the Kiki Hydrate Leave in Moisturiser, which is the perfect accessory to any blow dry for your own hair and hair extensions alike.

Straightening Iron

The straightening iron is one of the best hair styling tools a woman can use on her hair extensions.

Photo Source: Ulta Beauty

The straightening iron is arguably the best hair styling tool you can find. You can use a straightening iron with your extensions, but we strongly advise against setting it on the lowest heat, as this can cause you to have to run it over your hair  repeatedly, to produce the desired effect. This is obviously unhealthy for your hair.  

We suggest that you do some trial and error first, in checking out the different heat settings until you find one that is able to get your hair as straight as you want it to be without having it go over your hair dozens of times as well as have the heat at the highest temperature.  Just because you know that the highest heat setting can get you your desired effect very quickly, doesn’t mean it's the greatest way to achieve your desired results.

Heated Rollers

Best hot rollers for hair extensions

Photo Source: Amazon 

Among the best hair styling tools you can find in the market are the heated rollers. They are particularly great for anyone trying to achieve a soft and wavy look, as they produce less heat compared to curling tongs. However, you do need to pay special attention when using them on your hair extensions. Make sure that you do it neatly and in small sections so that your hair won’t get tangled, and it will hold a great result

If you have pre-bonded hair extensions, you have to be extra careful in ensuring that the rollers are not sitting against the bonds, as the heat could cause the bonds to melt.  

Curling Wand/ Tongs

Hot tongs the best curling tool for extensions

Photo Source: Muk Haircare

One of the best styling tools we can suggest for you to use on your hair extensions is the curling wand. If you have noticed, more and more hair extensions enthusiasts are switching over to curling wands from curling irons. The answer is simple: because they style faster and hold longer. The wand takes less time to produce curls, which means less heat is being applied on your tresses. This is also a great option for those who don't yet have the skills to use straighteners for curing. It is designed to give you the curls that you want from curling irons in less amount of time. It is actually much easier to use than the iron, with some practice.

Using Hair Protectors and Oils

A good rule of thumb when using heating styling items is to always use a protection spray, hair oil, serum, or any alcohol-free styling product. Hair oil or serum is great for revitalising the ends of your hair extensions.

Before drying your hair, be sure to apply a generous amount of heat protector. That way, you can shield your hair extensions from the heat and cut your drying time in half. You can also protect your hair from colour fade, frizz, and breakage. But the same rule may not be true when using straightening irons or curling wands. If you apply serum generously on your extensions before placing them into the heating tools mentioned, you’re basically frying the hair. The best way is to evenly apply the product throughout your hair and let it set prior to applying heat.

While these heating tools we just mentioned are great for achieving volume and style, you have to always give your hair time to breathe every so often. It is important to add that they can damage your hair extensions when you use them extensively. The best professional hair stylist tools we know are those that use conditioning ceramic plates or Ionic technology. So we recommend that you use one whenever possible.

As much as possible, use only a low-heat setting of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Going for anything higher than that runs a huge risk of damaging your hair extensions and cutting down the lifespan of your purchase. Unlike our natural hair, which are made to withstand high heat settings and constantly get rejuvenated from the scalp, hair extensions don’t have that sort of natural benefits.

A little bit of heat definitely goes a long way when it comes to always making your hair extensions look fabulous. It is often the magic element that any woman needs to be able to achieve a show-shopping hairstyle. But you need to keep in mind that with style also comes the risk of damage, which is definitely something that you want to shield your extensions from. Kiki Hair will have a complete range of premium hair care products available as soon as possible. Always avoid any products that contain protein as this will cause irreversible damage your extensions. 

Happy styling, ladies!

The Kiki Team 


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