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Article: 8 Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair

8 Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair

8 Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair

When it comes to hairstyles, having thin hair can drive you to your wits’ end. Sure, you have less hair to work with, and while it won’t take a lot of time to style it when you’re in a hurry for work, it would also constantly make you feel like it always looks flat and utterly boring, and lets not forget-- Fine hair never holds a style longer than two mins.

There may have been times when you desperately wanted to try your favourite celebrity’s hairstyle, and it ended up looking nowhere near the one in the picture.

Hair extensions provide a quick fix to your dilemma. They promise extra body and length in an instant. Without a doubt, hair extensions are the quickest and easiest way to help you pull off that much-envied voluminous look in a heartbeat! Just check out the styles below for proof:

1)   Teased Ponytail

 Whipping up a voluminous ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles for thin hair. Making sure your hair is well-dried will help you achieve your desired result. You may have to skip washing it for a day and use a dry shampoo to rid your hair of grease, giving it its much-needed texture. A couple of clip-in hair extensions would also do the trick. Just make sure to figure out a safe spot for them. We recommend clipping them in just above the spot you place your hair tie.

Hold up the top part of your hair and tease it using a fine-tooth comb. When teasing your hair, you have to hold your comb beneath your hair and brush it in the opposite direction (towards your scalp), so as to create volumising knots. Once the crown is already teased, set your hair back into a high ponytail. With your hair tightly secured, pull thick sections of your hair out of its grip. Use a hair spray all over your updo to keep it in place. Voila, you now have a beautifully-teased ponytail that creates the illusion of thick hair.


2)   Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is a classy, easy hairstyle for thin hair

 While the name sounds a bit complicated, a fishtail braid is totally achievable if you have medium-to-long thin hair, doing you a favour when it comes to giving your hair visual thickness. Start by spritsing your hair with any texturising spray to give it added volume and tousled waves. We even recommend dry shampoo for this step.

We suggest that you braid your hair down your shoulder instead of having it fall down your back. Once you’re done with your braid and it’s already tied, you can now proceed with adding volume to it. Using both hands, take every section of the braid and nip it outward on both sides. Don’t fret if you see individual strands coming loose. As you expand and deconstruct the fishtail, you will notice a look of extra fullness on your hair.


3)   Messy Bun

The messy bun is another pretty, easy hairstyle for thin hair.


Messy buns are another easy hairstyle for thin hair. While they require that you pay attention to the tiny details—which spells the difference between a great updo and an amateur one— they are not that hard to create. As you do, you will be able to see that there actually is a trick behind this beautiful, classic hairstyle.   

Start by pulling your hair into a loose, relaxed ponytail. Then proceed with carefully separating the various sections of your hair. To finish, check the sections that lack volume then tease them. Once done, bring all of the sections together and carefully wrap them into a messy bun and secure in place with bobby pins. Add some spray to make sure everything perfectly stays in place.

4)   Braided Half Up

Braided Half up and down is a simple but cute hairstyle


Gorgeous hair doesn’t always have to come through a cut. There are definitely creative ways to style those locks. Doing a braided half up is one of the best bets among women who have fine hair. Look like a goddess on a normal day by braiding only the top section of your hair, giving it a kick of volume as you let the rest of your hair flow free. 

Tease the top portion of your hair, where you will be doing your braid. Apply generous amounts of dry shampoo then french braid your hair straight back. As you do this, see to it that you keep it loose, giving it a rather nice, round shape. Tuck your braid with two crisscrossing hair pins. You can optionally pull sections of the braid out to achieve a fuller look. To make this style really stand out, add clip ins through the bottom section and enjoy the illusion of lots of flowing hair.


5)   Rope-Twisted Ponytail


Rope Twist - Great hairstyles using hair extensions


Are you tired of seeing that boring ponytail flowing limply? Create an edgy updo out of that flat, thin hair with hair extensions. A rope-twisted ponytail is a great way to change up an old classic.

Apply a bit of smoothening serum on the palm of your hand, and them distribute if through the ends of your hands, then use it to slick your hair back. Create a high a ponytail then divide your hair into two sections. Then individually twist your hair; twist them right up to the ends. Intertwine them, then secure the ends with rubber bands.


6)   French-Braided Pigtails

 French braided pigtails are among the easiest hairstyles for women with thin hair

 Photo Source: Allworkbeauty (Pinterest)

French-braided pigtails are another one in our list of fuss-free, easy hairstyles for thin hair using hair extensions. They may be classic but never outdated and give the hottest look for festival attendees. They look especially cute if you wear them with a hat. 

Do a middle part and divide your hair into two sections, braiding each loosely right down to the ends. Do this until you have about an inch of hair remaining. While holding the ends, use this chance to pull and loosen each section of the braid slightly to create volume. To finish, secure it with a hair tie.


7)   Low Looped Pony

Low chignon stylish updo using hair extensions


Pull off this much-coveted Boho-glam look with a low looped pony. Its looseness, especially with the flowy tendrils at the front, help exude an illusion of fullness.

Start by completely drying your hair. Create texture from blast drying and adding dry shampoo or salt spray. Then bring your hair back in ponytail all the way to the back of your neck and secure it with a hair tie. Produce volume by backcombing the ponytail. To finally complete this updo, pull a loop through the hair tie and hold it in place with hair pins. You can then even wrap the ends back around the hair tie. To keep it from falling flat, set it with a hairspray that won’t stiffen too much.


8) Sock Bun Curls


Do you dread damaging your hair with curling irons? Don't stress. Socks buns are an easy, economical way to get those fabulous curls even on fine hair. While this style technically requires that you sleep on your hair to let the magic unfold, the prepping and styling would just take a few minutes before you hit the sack. Yes, it is that simple!

First, get a long, thin dress sock, then cut off the toe. Next, roll the sock to form a ring. As the name implies, it is what you need to make those curls. Before you put on the sock on your pony tail, dry your hair first. Tie a high pony. Put it as high on top of your head as you can. If possible, flip your head and gather your hair to make a ponytail. Use a hair tie to secure it. Next, get your rolled-up sock and get it on, on top of the hair tie. Pull the sock all the way up to the base of the ponytail, then slide it down just a tad bit. 

Spread all the hair into two sections  and spread it around the sock evenly. Once done, it should go up and over the sock, then you can tuck it under the sock. You now have all of the ends of your hair tidily tucked under the sock. Leave this overnight.

Thin hair need not be a curse. Whether it’s a messy bun, teased ponytail, fishtail braid, braided pompadour, rope-twisted ponytail, French-braided pigtails, a low chignon, or sock bun curls,  you can definitely breathe new life into those lacklustre locks with a tad bit of time and effort, and even just a few clip-ins.

We do hope you’ve enjoyed our blog today. Please let us know how we can help you with your thin hair. Feel free to hit to contact us  at We deeply care about the way you look. 


Blowing Kisses,
The Kiki Team





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