The Truth about Blonde Hair Extensions’ Maintenance

Do you have blonde hair that requires weekly or monthly toning, bleaching or purple shampoo? Is this your first time buying Semi-Permanent or Temporary Blonde Hair Extensions? Find out the truth about the daily, weekly and monthly maintenace required for blonde hair extensions.

If you’ve read this far, it’s most likely because you spend a great deal of time, money (or both!) maintaining your blonde locks, and wondering if Hair Extensions are worth it for you.

Most blonde hair usually requires high maintenance like toning , bleaching and protein products for the repair, treatment and blonde tone/s in your hair. If this is your first time buying hair extensions, we at Kiki recommend looking at starting with temporary extensions like Clip Ins or Halo, unless you’re happy to go the extra mile for your blonde hair.

The number one reason being, is Semi-Permanent Remy Human Hair Extensions require high daily, weekly and monthly maintenance - including avoiding all products that contain protein in the ingredients. Protein can and will as cause irreversible damage to your extensions. Protein sucks the life, hydration and moisture from the hair, and without your extensions attached to your scalp and producing natural oils, you will cause irreversible damage

Daily brushing and adding of hydration and moisture like leave-in-end-creams, are recommended to assist with your blonde hair extensions feeling soft, silky and smooth always. 

Your Tape or Weft Extensions for your blonde hair, requires maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks depending on;

A. How quickly your natural hair grows

B. How quickly your blonde fades from your natural hair 

On your move up appointment, once your Remy Human Hair Extensions have been removed, this is the perfect time to have your colour services completed + add a treatment + protein into your natural hair (if that is what your blonde hair requires). 

Toners , purple shampoos and protein damages your extensions so you will need to ensure you do this separately for the long-lasting life of your extensions.

  • Avoid purple shampooing and towning your extensions to avoid any drying, tangling, shedding or matting.
  • Visit your Trusted Salon for your colouring , toning and purple shampooing needs to avoid at home toning issues. We do have local Brisbane recommendations for all your salon needs.
  • If you do tone your hair at home, please avoid your shampoo & toners directly onto your hair extensions. Try to seperate your natural hair from your extensions when you apply these products. 

Clips and Halos are a great alternative for blonde hair with less maintenance as you easily apply and remove them each day.

Halos are the most popular , damage free , quick and easy method to apply-  especially for clients with fine/ thin hair. We do recommend taking your Clips or Halo into your salon for a style blend / cut in for a seamless blend. 

Please see some information here below regarding the difference between clips and halo extensions 👇🏼

Please also find some more info regarding the difference between semi-permanent and temporary hair extensions 👇🏼

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