Everything to know about Balayage and Ombré hair extensions


 What is Ombré and Balayage Hair ?

The hair world borrowed the term ‘Ombré’ from the french word meaning shaded or shading. Ombré hair colour generally refers to the fact that the hair starts off in a darker colour at the roots of the hair and then gradually proceeding to lighter colours through the middle and even lighter towards the tips and ends of the hair. The ombré look is generally achieved by using the balayage technique ( Balayage Technique: Means to “paint” or “sweep” in French and the process is also called hair painting. This means it is a free hand method of adding highlights to hair which will create an easy look of dimension to the hair.) The Ombré trend is usually the most popular, high demand and is ideal for this clients looking for a low maintenance.

Where did ombré hair originate from ?

Ombré is the gradual blending of one hair colour hue to another, the ombré hair colour technique was believed to have been popularised in the early 2000’s (naughtiest era) by the OG goddess ‘Britney Spears’ herself when she had her hair dyed in a subtle but gradual fade from black at the roots and gradually going lighter towards the tips. In 2010 the ombré hair style was still popular and even gains a pretty good reputation to date. The style has been adopted by many influential celebrities, a few of the very many names include; Lucy Hale, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé and even Jared Leto among many others. This hair and fashion trend will stay popular and on trend throughout the test of time as stylists find and admire the fact that the ombré hair style is a low maintenance do and requires very little up keep making it easy and the perfect hairstyle to stay #ontrend.


Can you D.I.Y Ombré Hair ?

Can you D.I.Y Ombré Hair ? The short answer yes. There are many google articles or YouTube links and videos showing you a step by step guideline or play by play on how to D.I.Y ombré your hair. However should you D.I.Y your hair ? The answer to that question is simple no. Yes D.I.Y-ing your hair may be a less expensive option initially, but is it worth the risk? How will you know that 1. You are not damaging your hair and 2. How can you be certain it will turn out like the images on the D.I.Y kits and not a brassy orange colour forcing you to bleach your hair and spend extra money by heading to the hairdressers anyways? Why not save yourself the trouble and money by saying NO to D.I.Y ombré hair and head to your local qualified hairdresser to get the flawless ombré look with low up keep at reasonably affordable prices. You will not receive and achieve salon results without a salon and a qualified hairdresser. Unfortunately although we do not perform in salon services here at Kiki, we do have wonderful recommendations with amazing Salons in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Perth and more. They will be able to provide the perfect in salon service to Ombré your hair in the most natural way. Contact Kiki to colour match you with your perfect balayage / ombré hair extensions - and take them straight to our recommendation or your hair dresser. 



Kiki Hair Extensions- Ombré addition

We at Kiki Hair Extensions offer a wide range of quality 100% real remy human hair to suit all types of hair online and now recently have AfterPay to be able to purchase any of our amazing range of hair extensions with interest free instalments. Since this is the ombré addition we provide the perfect balayage and highlight or ombré hair colour and style in all of our hair extensions and the different methods we use. This includes clip in extensions, our amazing pony extensions, tape extensions, weft extensions and our halo extensions.

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