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Article: Balayage & Ombre Human Hair Extensions ⚡️ Tell me more!

Balayage & Ombre Human Hair Extensions ⚡️ Tell me more!

Balayage & Ombre Human Hair Extensions ⚡️ Tell me more!

The balayage and ombre techniques have all the makings of classic, timeless, and versatile colour trends. Since their arrival into the hair extensions scene, they have remained as among the most popular colour requests in salons worldwide. If you're looking to balayage hair extensions online, and more information then this blog is a great way to get you started.  

What Exactly Is Balayage? 

Meaning “to sweep” in French, balayage is a colour technique that involves sweeping, or painting, of the colour onto the hair (or lightening the ends). It is a free-hand highlighting technique that produces a blended, beautiful two-tone effect, where in most cases the the roots are darker and the ends are lighter.  You can have a darker short root , or a root stretch depending on the shade and colour. 

Balayage applies the principal idea that less is more, especially when creating a natural, multi-tonal look. This is ideal if you want to liven up your colour and don’t want a full block colour all over. 

What Balayage shades we offer

Kiki Hair's balayage/ ombre hair extensions are the best you can find in Brisbane and Melbourne.

No matter what your hairstyle or colour, we have a wide assortment of unique balayage colour options for your hair extensions. Here are some of them:

Coconut Grove

The coconut grove is a beautiful transition from light brown to blonde. It is the combination of light chestnut brown and lightest blonde shades. This is ideal for women with medium skin complexion.

Caramello Haze

The caramello haze is a gorgeous blend of darkest brown and light chestnut brown shades. This works great with dark eye shadow and light lipstick, giving you a sexy, charming look.  

Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse balayage is the fabulous mixture between darkest brown and grey shades. This is a great colour for the fall and winter months, and a perfect choice for a pepper and salt vibe.  

Brownie Points

The brownie points balayage is a lovely blend between the darkest brown and deep chestnut shades. It gives your face a regal but youthful glow. 

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a gorgeous blend of very dark brown (Raven) roots that fade nicely into an ash light cool brown (latte) 

Limited Editions

We do have limited edition balayage, Ombre and other shades available. See our range in the hair extensions type beat you or get your free colour match. 

Balayage Hair Extension Types we offer

Kiki Hair Salon is the best in balayage hair colour technique.

We, at Kiki Hair, have our very own collection of balayage/ombre hair extensions. We are renowned for our extensive range of beautifully-blended balayage weft hair extensions, clip-ins, tapes, and halo hair extensions. We have our balayage shades in 20” and 26” lengths that you can choose from, ensuring we have a match for you.

Our balayage clip ins, ponytails, tapes, weft weaves, and halos can be styled, straightened and curled like your natural hair. We have a dedicated team that can email you sneaky How Tos and care tips for your extensions. 

Balayage Halo Hair Extensions

Our balayage halo hair extensions collection comes in two choices: The Classic and Deluxe halo sets.

Classic Halo:

- 120 Grams

- Perfect for fine to medium density hair

- Perfect for adding thickness & volume

- Suitable for adding thickness & length to fine/thin/short hair

- A more natural transformation

Deluxe Halo

- 220 Grams

- Perfect to blend your short or blunt cut

- Suitable if you have thick hair

- Perfect for adding luxe thickness and length for most hair types 

- A thick, glamorous transformation

     Balayage Weft Hair Extensions

    Our balayage weft hair extensions are also available in seamlessly-blended, subtle and bright balayages. They come in three options, depending on the volume that you want to achieve:

    - Classic Weft: 100 grams for a natural result adding thickness & length 

    - Deluxe Weft: 200 grams for ultimate fullness, thickness and length for a glamorous transformation 

    Balayage Tape Hair Extensions

    Our balayage tape hair extensions come in the following choices, depending on how thick you want them to be

    - 20 Pieces: Half Head 50grams - For volume only

    - 40 Pieces: Fully Head 100grams - For a more natural result

    - 60 Pieces: Full Head and a Half 150grams - To extend medium or thick hair

    - 80 Pieces: Two Full Heads 200grams - To extend short hair / for maximum thickness 

    Balayage Clip-in Hair Extensions 

    Kiki Hair’s balayage clip-in hair extensions are quad-wefted, double-drawn, and of course, made from 100% human Remy hair, just like all of our other hair extensions. You have the choice between our Classic Set or our Deluxe Set:

    The Classic Set

    - 120grams

    - 20 inches

    - Suitable if you have short thin hair and are wanting length

    - Suitable if you have medium to long, thin hair and are wanting length + volume

    - Suitable if you are wanting a more natural result

    The Deluxe Set:

    - 220 Grams

    - 20 Inches

    - Suitable if you have short thick hair and are wanting length & volume

    - Suitable if you are wanting to achieve thick long hair


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