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Article: Hair Extensions In Australia: Permanent Vs Semi-Permanent Extensions

Hair Extensions In Australia: Permanent Vs Semi-Permanent Extensions

Hair extensions have already come a long way, since they first emerged back in Cleopatra’s time many centuries ago. Everyone—from hairstylists, celebrities, to beauty enthusiasts—can’t help but embrace such a beautiful opportunity to turn their hair into something red carpet-worthy.

Are you also thinking of getting hair extensions in Brisbane but can't decide which ones? Let’s get to know the types of permanent and non-permanent hair extensions, their differences, and which one you might think is suitable for you based on your level of commitment.  


Permanent Hair Extensions

 Kiki tape hair extensons are a permanent hair extensions method.

As the word “permanent” implies, these extensions get attached to your own hair, as close to your scalp as possible, permanently. You cannot remove them by yourself. You need to seek our assistance. As your hair grows, typically 1cm every month, the extensions move farther away from your scalp.

Tape Hair Extensions

Out of the permanent hair extensions methods we have, our tapes are the most popular hair extensions in Melbourne. Our tape hair extensions are the easiest method to maintain due to their thin and wide construction. They're made with a type of adhesive that makes them durable enough to withstand hairstyling procedures, but safe enough to wear for months on end.

They look like your natural head of hair. Our clients come back to us telling us that their friends and colleagues don’t usually believe them until they tell them that they’re wearing faux hair. The bonds lie completely flat against your hair and are ultra-comfortable—you tend to forget about them completely, until you get another glimpse of your long, beautiful hair in the mirror!  

Since they sit just flat on your head, they are not prone to tangling or twisting near the roots, thus there is less chance of stray hair coiling around the tops. 

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are another type of permanent extensions that are attached onto your hair by the method of your choice—either braids or beads to create a secure base. Our weft hair extensions in Brisbane are ideal for achieving voluminous, natural-looking layers of hair. And since weft hair extensions have a secure base, you don't have to worry about them slipping.

Shrinkie Hair Extensions

Shrinkies are a permanent hair extensions method that uses keratin protein plastic tubes to get attached to your natural hair. The hair extensions are slid into the shrinkies at the root of your hair. During installation, heat is applied with a fusion iron, securing the bond between your natural hair and the extension. Given their material, shrinkable tubes extensions are very durable and long-lasting.

Fustion / Keratin Hair Extensions

Also called keratin-tipped protein hair extensions, the fusion extensions are latched onto your natural hair by heating the bond with the use of a fusion iron. If you have fine hair, this will work especially for you, as the extensions will not slip from your hair.


Non-Permanent Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Non-permanent or temporary hair extensions are the ultimate answer for women wanting to achieve on-trend looks but are avoiding the commitment. 

Halo Hair Extensions

Low maintenance, easy to use, and temporary, Kiki Hair’s halo extensions in Brisbane have fascinated many women in Queensland who are looking to get an instant brand-new look. You can simply put the halo on and remove it anytime you like. Given its name, the hair extensions are attached to an invisible wire, which you can wear on top of your hair. You simply pull your natural hair through and over the wire. You can adjust it easily according to the shape of your head for a snug, seamless fit in each wear. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions

For those who are stoked about joining the hair extensions in Melbourne trend but are dreading to get stuck with hair extensions for a long time, clip-ins are the answer to your prayer! The benefits of clip-in hair extensions are just too many to mention. But for one, they are for those who are dreaming to get Disney “princess-esque” locks instantly. 

Clip-In Ponytail Hair Extensions

Whether you’re in the mood for a fabulous ponytail or just wanting to get a quick fix for your second- or third-day hair, clip-in ponytails are a perfect solution. Clip-in ponytail hair extensions can be worn easily and casually during the day, making you look instantly adorable. You can also use them to add some glamour to your evening look.

As with all the other extension methods, the lifespan of our hair extensions will greatly depend on the care you give them. Permanent or not, hair extensions do need that you set aside a bit of effort and time to care for them like you would for your natural hair. They can last up to a year, or even more, when properly maintained. All of our permanent hair extensions need to be repositioned or moved up every six to eight weeks, depending on the growth of your hair.    

Thank you for checking our blog (again)! If you’re not ready to turn that love affair with hair extensions into something permanent, you can pick from our choices of temporary Hair Extensions like Clips, Halos or Ponytails first for an instant glamourous look. Can’t make up your mind? We’re here to offer expert advice. If youvwpuld like a free online colour match and consultation - we can discuss the endless possibilities about your hair with our hair extensions that come in every colour, length, and texture you can imagine!


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