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Article: Brisbane's Best Hair Extensions

Brisbane's Best Hair Extensions

Brisbane's Best Hair Extensions

Long, beautiful, voluminous hair is no longer a dream with Kiki’s Luxury Human Hair Extensions. We are everything hair- obsessed, and empower women with self-confidence to look and feel bea-YOU-tiful 💖 If you’re on our page to find out where you can get the best hair extensions in Brisbane, then you have come to the right place! We are excited to show you our list of the different hair extension methods that we have in store and online for you. Happy reading!

Clip In Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions are a fast and an easy way to getting thicker, longer hair - without long-term commitment, bonding or damage to your natural hair.

You can easily attach them by clipping in and seamlessly blending them with your own hair for added volume, length, highlights or lowlights.

We have a wide range Clip Ins available to buy in store or online, all made to suit various hair types and colours. Kikis’ Clip In Extensions come in solid colours, highlights, balayages / ombre shades , and limited edition options. We have Blondes, Browns, Blacks, Ash, Caramel, Strawberry, Coppers & many more colours to choose from.

Our Clip Ins come in two selections—the Classic set and the Deluxe Set — depending on the length and volume that you’re hoping to achieve.  

Find out more about our Clip In Extensions Here

Or Shop our Clip In Extensions Range


Ponytail Extensions

If you are looking to improve your casual daytime look in a simple way, OR glam up your evening or event looks, you can just apply your Ponytail Extension piece to add more volume & length onto your high or low natural ponytail.

Like the rest, Kiki Ponytail hair extensions in Brisbane are High Quality Remy Human Hair Extensions that can be styled using heat tools, and style in diverse trending looks like Sleek & Straight, Curly, Mermaid or Hollywood Waves , Braids , Plaits — you name it! Contact Kiki to organise a time to pop into our Brisbane HQ and see our amazing range of colours available, or we provide detailed Colour Match and Consultations Online and send your Ponytail straight to your doorstep!

You have the choice between our Classic Pony or our Deluxe Pony:

The Classic Pony Set:

- 150 Grams

- 20 Inches

- Adds thickness & length for a natural thick every-day & event wear ponytail 

The Deluxe Pony Set:

- 180 Grams

- 26 Inches

- Adds luxe thickness & length for a longer, more glam ponytail for every-day & event wear ponytail 


    Halo Extensions

    Halo Hair Extensions are designed as fantastic alternatives to bonded, tape, clip, or weave hair extensions, and for that reason—women love them! Not only are our halo hair extensions quick to apply; they are made with a seamless “miracle” stretchy wire to make them virtually undetectable. We also include detachable clips for extra security.  

    Our halo hair extensions are suitable for just about any hair type and are damage-free, easy to apply & style, no experience or salon needed , low/maintenance and commitment free! 

    Our halo hair extensions in Brisbane, are trending because they’re one of the most low-maintenance methods. Because they're very easy to use and temporary, our halo extensions have quickly endeared women with commitment issues (Are you guilty?). The hair extensions are fitted to an invisible wire, which you can wear on top of your hair, thus its name—halo. You pull your natural hair through and over the wire. The wire can be easily adjusted according to shape of your head for a seamless fit.

    Our halo hair extensions come in 20” and 26” lengths, in over 20 solid colours: ombres and balayage shades, and highlights. Choose from our Classic and Deluxe Halo sets. 

    Want to know more in depth about Clip Ins Vs our Halo Hair Extensions? Read the BLOG here 


    Tape In Extensions

    Kiki tape hair extensions are the best hair extensions in Brisbane.

    Tape hair extensions are another method where the individual Tapes of hair are attached on to your natural hair with high-grade adhesive. Tapes are famous for their beautiful colour coordination, totally comfortable placement and seamless blending. 

    Our tape hair extensions are the best hair extensions in Brisbane, as they come in an extensive range of fabulous colours such as beautiful balayages, ombre, highlights, toned blondes and more. Our tapes are created with a premium-quality polyurethane top to ensure long lasting wear. Depending on your desired result, they come in the following choices:

    - 20 Pieces: Half Head 50grams - For volume only

    - 40 Pieces: Fully Head 100grams - For volume + length for a more natural result

    - 60 Pieces: Full Head and a Half 150grams - For lixe volume & length, for a thick seamless blend 

    - 80 Pieces: Two Full Heads 200grams - For an ultra  thick & voluminous luxe blend 

    Weft Extensions

    Weft hair extensions is another type of Semi-Permanent Extension that requires Maintenance Appoitments in your Salon every 4-7 weeks depending on your hair.

    Instead of being attached to your hair using a tape or clip system, weft hair extensions are braided, sewn, beaded, or weaved into your natural hair. Our weft hair extensions in Brisbane are ideal for achieving natural-looking layers, and voluminous, lustrous hair. They are known for their flexibility and versatility, featuring superb-quality stitching to ensure a seamless finish.

    Just like all of our Brisbane hair extensions, our weft hair extensions are made from 100% premium Remy human hair, which means that they are of exceptional quality, and you can style them just like you would your natural hair. Our weft hair extensions come in 20” and 26” lengths, and an extensive range of colours: natural shades, blondes, foiled blends, beautifully-blended balayages, and fashion colours. Depending on your hair type and desired volume, you can pick from the following choices:

    - Classic Weft: 100 grams for a natural result (Suitable if you have fine or long hair)

    - Deluxe Weft: 200 grams for ultimate fullness & thickness (Suitable if you have short hair) 

    Need More Information? 

    With the wide selection of hair extensions methods to choose from, we know how overwhelming it can be to pick which one suits you. We hope this blog has somehow provided some clarity. We, at Kiki Hair, aim to be the best not just in hair extensions in Brisbane, but also in the quality of the products, services, and information that we provide you with. 

    Check out our Blogs and Instagram for more information about our Hair Extensions , Hair Care , Hair Inspiration & Trends, Tips, Tricks , Tutorials and much more!

    We offer free consultation and colour-matching services to make sure we address all of your queries. Please Contact Kiki or Colour Match Me. You can also arrange a time to hop by our Brisbane HQ with our Showroom, should you decide to get your hair extensions in-store. We can’t wait to see you!  


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