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Article: Difference between Clips and Halo Extensions?

Difference between Clips and Halo Extensions?

Difference between Clips and Halo Extensions?

Not sure if Clip In Or Halo Hair Extensions are right for you? Or maybe you just aren’t quite certain of the differences both methods have to offer. 

If this is your first set of extensions, we do recommend going with Clip-Ins as they are easiest to blend and create different looks & styles, unless you have very fine/ thin hair and wanting to steer clear of clips. 

Clip In Extensions 

Clip Ins are suitable for most hair types and are very easy to apply & style. They are customisable for each individual - - a quick trip to your hairdresser or Kiki Recommended Salon will assist in creating a seamless blend. We do recommend taking this to your salon once for a cut in to ensure a natural blend with layers as your extensions are the “one length” being 20” or 26” in length.

They are the easiest method to blend with your natural hair, and best to create different styles such as half-up-and-down looks, high or low ponytails, or wearing your lushes clips out for a straight, wavey or mermade style result. You can also get creative with braids , bobbles and more! You can also do all of this with your Halo Extensions, however it is quite tricky to do a high Ponytail. 

If you do have very thin/fine hair, our Classic sets are recommended for a natural result to add 120g of volume & slight natural length. As the Clips Ins are attached to your natural hair, you want to ensure they aren't too heavy so they don't pull or tug on your strands.

We do have our Deluxe 220g Clips in both 20” and 26” in lengths. As all Kiki Clip-In sets come in a 5-set-clip-piece, we do recommend purchasing our Deluxe sets as you can use all 5 Clips for a naturally thick, seamless blend, or use 3 clips for a more natural result. 

Halo Hair Extensions

Halo Hair Extensions can be more suitable for thin/fine hair rather than clips, as they are completely damage-free and do not pull on your natural hair.

Kiki Halo Hair Extensions is a one-piece band/weft with an invisible stretchy wire that is placed over & on the crown of your head - sits on your crown like a headband. As your Halo band comes with extra loops, your Stretchy Wire can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. Our Halos also come with detachable clips for extra security.

One of the big reasons why the halo extensions can be best for fine/thin hair is they don't attach via clips, bonds or glues to your natural hair, therefore non damaging. Halos are the quickest and easiest to apply, only taking 2-5 mins, as Clip Ins can take 5-10 mins to apply. We always recommedn getting a cut in at your hair dressers to ensure a seamless blend.

It really comes down to each individuals preference


Golden 20” Deluxe 220g Halo worn by Holly Bell

Need further assistance? 

If you do proceed with a purchase and have any issues with your Clip Ins or Halo - Kiki does have the opportunity to assist you in custom making your set into the alternative method (ie Clips into a Halo or Ponytail).

This is additional cost for the custom make & you will need to send these back to us firstly.  Please contact Kiki for any questions or issues with your Clip Ins or Halo Hair Extensions. 

We recommend heading to our IG Reels & TV to see how to apply your Clip Ins or Halo Hair Extensions:

Take me to the Kiki Instagram 

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