Can I use Purple Shampoo & Toners on my Remy Human Hair Extensions?

As we use Remy Human Hair you can dye and tone your hair extensions darker to achieve the perfect match. We do always recommend visiting a hair salon and/or having a qualified professional dye your extensions, and testing one weft prior to dying/toning an entire set. 

We do not recommend bleaching or lightening your hair extensions as it will damage the hair. If you are in-between shades we recommend choosing the lighter option and have them dyed darker in a salon. 

Although we do not recommend, you can use Purple Shampoo and Toners on your extensions. 

Purple Shampoos & Toners can have damaging effects on hair extensions and is not for daily or weekly use, so don't use it too regularly. Hair Extensions are very porous, so purple shampoo will deposit fast, therefore do not leave the shampoo on the extensions for too long otherwise it will grab.

Here are some Kiki Tips & Tricks for Purple Shampoo & hair extensions:

  • Make sure your purple shampoo is sulphate-free and a professional line. Purple shampoo can be very drying and using a cheap brand will not only ruin your bonds but also dry out your extensions.
  • Do not put the shampoo directly on the extensions - fill your sink or wash station with warm water and pour the purple shampoo into the warm water. Mix up the shampoo thoroughly, and gently lather/ swirl your extensions in the water.  
  • Be very careful & gentle - doing this in a washbasin (not directly on the extensions)  will allow the colour to deposit evenly. Do this for 2-5 mins, or until you have achieved your perfect colour, rinse off the extensions. Repeat until happy.
  • It doesn’t take long for extensions to go from icy blonde, to purplish or grey, so keep an eye on them.

Watch Nats tutorial HERE in how to Colour your Kiki Extensions

Toners , purple shampoos and protein damages your extensions, so if you have Blonde Hair, and require toners & foils in your hair regularly, we do recommend you do this separately for the long-lasting life of your extensions.

Clips and Halos are a great alternative for blonde hair with less maintenance as you easily apply and remove them each day.

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