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Article: Weft Hair Extensions - The Most popular ways to Apply your Kiki Wefts

Weft Hair Extensions - The Most popular ways to Apply your Kiki Wefts

Weft Hair Extensions - The Most popular ways to Apply your Kiki Wefts

Weft Hair Extensions can be applied in a few different ways including being sewn, braided, beaded or weaved into your natural hair. At Kiki Hair, we have a variety of different types of extensions, with Weft Hair Extensions being one of the most popular Semi-Permanent methods for creating long, lustrous hair.
Please see the below, for the two most popular application methods for Weft Extensions so you can make the best decision to achieve your own jaw-droppingly gorgeous hair.



Beaded Hair Extensions (also known as Micro Bead) is an application process that involves having small sections of hair connected to your weft hair extensions using a small bead. This bead is then treated in a way that it securely and seamlessly connects your natural hair with your weft hair extension.As your hair grows you will need to have your extensions 'moved up' or repositioned - it is recommended to see your hair stylist every 5-7 weeks for proper maintenance so that your hair extensions stay looking their best! Beaded weft hair extensions are well-known for creating believable movement in the hair (for a natural look) and for how well they last. They're definitely a favourite application method for many people!If you have thin hair, the best hair extension method for you is actually Tape Hair Extensions. 



To attach weft hair extensions using the sew-in method, a professional hair stylist will create fine braids along your scalp and then will continue by sewing your hair extensions into the braids. By gently shampooing, conditioning, styling and handling your weft hair extensions you will be able to extend the life of your sew-in hair extensions.After washing your hair it is important to dry your hair with patting motions with a towel rather than rubbing to make sure that your hair extensions stay in place.

Where to Get Weft Hair Extensions Applied

Of these two popular options for Weft Hair Extension application, you must keep in mind that the process should take place at a high-quality salon and the application will take a few hours to complete.

If you are based in Australia, we'd be more than happy to help you by organizing for you to visit one of our stockists or recommendations for a seamless application.

If you are outside of Australia you can still order your Kiki Weft Hair Extensions online and book in with a local hair extension specialist for a salon-quality application.


Washing Your Weft Hair Extensions

To make sure that your Weft Hair Extensions stay looking their best for as long as possible, it's important to use high-quality haircare products that are designed for your hair extensions. Avoid any and all products that of contain any protein ingredients. 

We have specialised products coming soon with mixes  of aromatic oils that penetrates dry and brittle hair; instantly transforming it into luxuriously soft, silken locks, and amazing natural ingredients.


Why Choose Kikis Weft Hair Extensions

With all types of application methods for Weft Hair Extensions, you can sleep easy knowing that this type of extension is the most durable and long-lasting!

At Kiki Hair, we offer our Weft Hair Extensions in two different lengths 20” and 26” in our Classic Weft (100 grams) or Deluxe Weft (200 grams) and over 25 different colors so that you can find the perfect match and get the hair of your dreams.

What Length Weft Hair Extensions Should I Get? 

It really all depends on the length you wish to achieve , and your current length & thickness. 

20” Extends to your middle back depending on your height 

26” Extends to your hips depending on your height 


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