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Article: Australia's Best Weft Hair Extensions: Why You Need a Weave

Australia's Best Weft Hair Extensions: Why You Need a Weave

Australia's Best Weft Hair Extensions: Why You Need a Weave

Australia's Best Weft Hair Extensions: Why You Need a Weave

If you have been searching the internet hoping to put an end to bad hair days without the worry of damaging your own hair - then Weft Hair Extensions could be a great choice for you. In this blog, we are going to explain what we consider as Australia’s Best Weft Hair Extensions and why a weft could benefit you today.  Before we proceed, let’s talk about what Weft Extensions are.

In a nutshell, “weft” refers to strands of hair attached at one end. Instead of being applied with the use of a tape or clip system, the wefts are weaved, beaded, braided, or sewn into your natural hair. Weft hair extensions, in themselves, are known as one of the safest, most versatile methods to fix fine and lifeless hair.

Pro Tip: Now you might be confused when you hear some people say “weft hair extensions” while others say “weave hair extensions.” While “weave” refers to how the weft is attached, the words “weft”/”weave” have often been used interchangeably in the industry.

Find out the ways in How to Apply Weft Hair Extensions below 

Flat Track Weft Hair Extensions

Flat track weft hair extensions are regarded as one of the most popular and safest Hair Extension methods. It well suits any type of hair—fine or thick, flat or bulky - and is completely non-damaging and the hair is reusable. This method allows you to easily maintain the extensions and remove them. They produce a very thick, natural-looking effect, with their placement and curtain-like look. They have to be moved up every two to three months, depending on the growth of your hair.

So how does it work? They are applied onto your hair with silicone-lined microbeads, thus creating a “track.” From there, the weft or row of hair is sewn through the beads, which are applied professionally to support the weight of the extensions and not put any strain on your hair and follicles. The end result shows a beautiful, thick consistency, making it super easy to style!
On your first week wearing the extensions, you will notice a tight feeling on your head. They are  applied firmly in order to make sure that once they start growing out you will still be able to maintain them in the hair for as long as possible. Once you get used to it, you will love your new weave and won’t even notice that you’re wearing

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Beaded weft hair extensions are also known for their sheer versatility and longevity, offering the best of both worlds: the durability of I-tipped extensions and the coverage and density of sew-in weave. Such combination allows for faster and simpler installation without the need to apply heat, tape, glue, or chemicals that can damage your hair and follicles.
The microbeads are made with a strong, lightweight silicone lining that intends to minimise weight on your hair follicle. They are pre-installed on a triple-stitched, machine-wefted track, producing instant length, density, and volume in three different textures and lengths, and natural colours.
During installation, the small strands of your natural hair are simply compressed and looped through the microbeads. They’re definitely quick and easy to apply—no unnecessary mess or stress. They can be moved up to cover the portions of your hair that have already regrown, every four to six weeks. You can visit your hairstylist to get them done for you.

The absence of bond or glue makes microbead hair extensions especially safe for your hair. They can be easily adjusted and removed, with your natural hair remaining intact and undamaged. With the help of your stylist, you can get your beaded weft hair extensions applied within just an hour. The microbead type you to dye your hair without the worry of damage to the bonds attached to your hair.  

Braided Weft Hair Extensions

Coming in as our third choice for the best weft hair extensions methods in the industry is the braided weft. Possibly the oldest and most widely practised, this is where your natural hair will be firmly braided in small horizontal lines (also called corn rows) to create tracks. The weft then is sewn directly onto the track, so as to fit seamlessly into your natural hair.

You can have this installed with the help of a professional hairstylist. 
The flexibility of this method is great as it suits those who have all different types of hair. The hair just needs to be strong enough to hold the extensions. This is not recommended for women with excessively weak or damaged hair. Also, since your hair is braided tight to your scalp, then with hair extensions, it may take longer for your hair to dry. We recommend you dry your hair in small horizontal sections as you will be able to access and dry the top of the extensions more easily.

Weft hair extensions offer a unique way to create a voluminous look on your hair by blending and lying seamlessly with your natural hair, without the need for many attachments. Many women prefer weft hair extensions over other methods as they are more comfortable and easier to manage, making them increasingly popular.  

So there you have it— the best weft/weave hair extensions in the country. We do hope you find this an interesting read. Can’t make up your mind? We can help. Talk to us: 

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