Tape In Extensions - Why are my Tapes slipping?

If you are experiencing any Tape In Extension Slips, then read this blog to find out why this could be happening to you.

Tape In Extensions are a Semi-permanent method of Extensions requiring daily at-home-maintenance, the correct application & placement of Tapes, and requires a maintenance move up appointment every 5-6 weeks. They should only be applied by a qualified professional. To find out more see here: The Top Do's and Don'ts of Tape In Extensions

The number 1 reason for Tape-Ins slipping comes down to the application - the application and placement must be applied correctly to ensure the proper hold. Improper placement or application will cause the hair to slip, and adding too much or too little hair in between will cause the tape to slip.  

Other reasons for Tape In Extensions slipping can be: 

  • Same-day chemical treatments i.e Hair Colour or Chemical treatments. All chemical processing should be done a week before tape in applications. 
  • Product build-up - any excess product build-up breaks down the tape. Ensure your hair is washed within 24 hours before your appointment, and no alcohol or oil-based products should be used while wearing tapes. 
  • Thin/ very fine hair - If your hair is super thin or fine then you may need to have your extensions applied with different techniques i.e single-sided Tape in method.
  • Natural oils in your scalp/hair - some clients do have excess oil or naturally oily hair. Tapes won't hold as long in oily hair and will need to have your tape tabs re-taped every 4-5 weeks. 
These are the most common reasons why Tape In Extensions may slip out. We have replacement Tape Tabs available to purchase should , should you ever need new Tape Tabs. When going to reapply tape in extensions make sure to remove all tape and oil before applying new tape.
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