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Article: How To Rock Your Tape Hair Extensions All Year Long

How To Rock Your Tape Hair Extensions All Year Long

How To Rock Your Tape Hair Extensions All Year Long

Every girl dreams of having long lusciously thick hair, am I right or not?  Surely I'm not the only one staring at the gorgeous hair that floods my Insta feed on a daily basis? 

Hair like this:

tape hair extensions brisbane

photo source: kiki hair instagram

I'm here to tell you that you too can achieve the same amazing looks of length and volume with the use of our tape hair extensions!  In this blog, I'll guide you through all things tape hair extensions, in particular how you can rock them all year long! 

Tape hair extensions are the way to get yourself some photo-worthy hair.  For those not familiar with tape extensions, let's take a closer look at them: 

What are they? 

Tape extensions are one of our permanent hair extension options, made from premium Remy Human Hair, which, because it is not synthetic, can be styled, coloured and treated along with your own hair.  

These extensions come with tape tabs attached to a 1inch bundle of the Remy human hair, that will then be glued on to your hair, much like you would use sticky tape (this is how they get their name)

They come in over 15 block colour choices as well as balayage options for you ombre loving beauties. The other choices you will need to make are on the length (20 or 26 inch) and the grams (natural vs full extensions))

Benefits of tape extensions

photo source: kiki hair

Quick to apply

One of the great things about tape hair extensions is that you can be in and out of the hairdressers in no more than one hour!  That's right, you can enjoy a quick glass of bubbles and relax knowing you will be leaving with luscious long hair within the hour. Of course, this is when applied by a qualified hairdresser who is specifically trained in tape hair extension application.  If you need help finding someone reach out to us here:

They are cost effective

Your initial investment for the tape extensions will usually be under $150 and when you factor in that you can use the same tape extensions for over a year if you look after them, it makes them a no-brainer to purchase! While you have the option of dyeing your tape hair extensions to get to the hue you are lusting after, at this price it is not a bad option to have a few different colours, be in block or balayage, in your range. 

Can stay put for 5-8 weeks

Considering that your tape extensions can stay in for up to 8 weeks before having to be moved up, it means you will pretty much have a whole season with the same tape extensions in, depending on how quickly your hair grows.  

Now, we do recommend you go in for a trim and check at the 4-5 week mark, but you would need to do that with your own hair anyway.

Safe to use all year round

 When you use our tape extensions, rest assured they will not cause your hair any damage, as long as you have had them installed by a trained hairdresser.  

The weight of the hair is evenly distributed amongst the tape bundle, so at no point, will a single strand of hair have too much weight on it. 

While the tape used is super strong, as long as it does not adhere right to your roots, it will allow your hair to grow and move as normal. Once again, a trained hairdresser will know this and look after you.

Finally, absolutely no tools or chemicals are required to adhere the tape extensions to your hair, so the hair does not get pulled or tightened at any stage of the adhering process, you just end up with a gorgeous full head of long hair. 

Now let's look at ways you can rock your tape extensions all year long, starting with my personal favourite, Spring time baby! 

Rock your tape in Spring

tape hair extensions melbourne

photo source: kiki hair 

Ahh Spring, the promise of warmer weather and longer days. It also marks warmer weather festivals to attend, which means some serious hair game will be on display. 

Your tape is your perfect accessory to fit right into the festival hair glam, as they will give you length and volume to achieve some amazing hairstyles that will scream spring. 

Think high ponytails, messy buns but especially braids with ribbons weaved through.  Nothing says I'm heading to a festival that these extra spesh braids.  Your tapes will be your secret weapon and if you're worried about the tape showing, don't be.  They are as discreet as can be and with all the ribbon flying around no one will be any wiser. 

To achieve the above look:

1.Part hair along the middle and begin on one side

2. Braid from the top of the hair, incorporating a ribbon with one of the three sections of hair you are using.

3.Tie at the bottom and repeat on the other side!

4. Make sure the ribbon you're using complements your outfit.


Rock your tape in Summer

tape hair extensions brisbane

photo source: kiki hair

Summer means the beach and your tape is totally good to go, whether it be laying in the sun or taking a dip in the water. 

Like your own hair you do need to look after the tape out in the sun, so here are a few tips and suggestions that will help you keep them looking amaze.

  1. When going into the sun make sure you use a UV/heat protectant spray like the Kiki Hydrate Leave-In Moisturiser. You can get yourself one here.

  2. If you are planning to be in the direct sun for over an hour please use caution and make sure you wear a hat, so as to not cause any damage to the tape adhering the hair to your scalp.

  3. If you are planning on going for a swim, brush your hair gently first, making sure to hold the top of the extensions firmly. 

  4. Once brushed tie your hair up in either a high ponytail or loose braids.

Rock your tape in Autumn

tape hair extensions australia

The cooler weather is setting in, which can often time mean we are more inclined to having our hair hue change to something a little bit on the darker side, a little less sunkissed, a bit more fashionista. 

Why not rock some balayage tape ins? There are some great shades that are more suited to the cooler weather and edgier wardrobe. They are so affordable that you can totes afford a new autumn/ winter tape set.

I'd recommend picking a colour range you fancy and having your hairdresser blend it in with your own hair, depending on how much darker you are going, you should be able to achieve this look in a few appointments at most! 

It's also a good time to consider a trim and checking how your tapes are going in your hair.

Rock your tape in Winter

tape hair extensions australia

As the days get longer and colder you might feel the need to work out more often to combat the lovely winter food being ingested..(or is that just me?) so in this case, you will want to make sure that your extensions are kept in pristine condition by following a few rules: 

  1. The aim when you are breaking a sweat is to keep your extensions as dry as possible.  To do so you will need to put your hair up and out of your face, try a bun or ponytail. 

  2. Make sure you wash your hair as soon as you are done with your workout.  Use our Kiki hydrate range to shampoo and condition to keep those tape extensions clean and shiny.

  3. Be sure to gently brush your hair once washed, holding onto the taped sections while doing so. 

  4. Make sure your hair is fully dry before hitting the sack.

You could also feel the need to rock a darker shade if you hadn't made any changes in autumn, again this can be easily incorporated into your look as your Remy human hair extensions can be dyed a darker color alongside your own hair! 

Four seasons and there you are, still rocking those tape extensions like nobody's business!  Once you have your tape extensions in place, you will fall in love with how low maintenance they are, in fact, they will make your life easier that you'd imagined due to the speed of having them attached, convenience and length you can keep them in, low cost involved and many more benefits. 

To buy your tape hair extensions and start on the journey of long, luscious locks please check out our full tape extension range 

Liked this blog or care to share how you rock your tape extensions during the year?  Get in touch with us here, we absolutely love hearing from you.  If you are in Brisbane or Melbourne you can find our salon addresses in the above link also. 

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 Kiki Hair HQ x

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