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Article: How long will my hair extensions last?

How long will my hair extensions last? Hair Extensions Life , Hair Extensions life expectancy

How long will my hair extensions last?

The long-lasting-life of your  AA+ Human Hair Extensions , ultimately depends on how YOU care for them 💖

Tape & Weft Extensions will last 3-6+ months with the proper care and your attendance to maintenance appointments —  your extensions will last longer in colder environments. The severe heat & humidity in different parts of Australia can affect the life of your extensions, and ultimately effecting there longevity. We recommend daily and weekly hydration /moisture in your extensions (ensuring you avoid any products with ingredients containing protein), and additional hydration treatments. Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions do require high daily maintenance, brushing & styling. If you are not someone who likes to style and maintain your hair daily then we suggest going with Temporary Extensions like Clip Ins, Halo or Ponytails which require less maintenance. 

Your Temporary Hair Extensions’ like Clip Ins, Halo and Ponytails will last 12-24+ months with the proper care and maintenance. Some of our Angels have their Kiki Extensions for years in beautiful condition! Again, it all depends on how you care and look after your Hair Extensions with brushing, heat protectant, avoiding protein, and using formulated products designed to hydrate and lock moisture back into the Hair Extensions. 

We always recommend avoiding products that contain harsh chemicals that will dry your extensions like toners, purple shampoos, alcohol based products, repair treatments, bleach, any products that contain protein, and taking note of other factors like environmental, weather factors & activities;  swimming,   excessive heat tools, high intensity workplace environments ect. 

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Can I pick up my order? Do you offer pick ups? Brisbane pick up

Do you offer pick up?

Yes we do! Contact Kiki to organise the collection of your order from our Brisbane HQ 🛍

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Product Information

Will hair extensions damage my own hair or hurt?

The methods that we specialise in at Kiki Hair Extensions are the most up to date methods on the market, that have been proven to not cause any damage or stress to your own hair, providing you foll...

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