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Article: Will hair extensions damage my own hair or hurt?

Will hair extensions damage my own hair or hurt?

The methods that we specialise in at Kiki Hair Extensions are the most up to date methods on the market, that have been proven to not cause any damage or stress to your own hair, providing you follow our simple Maintenance Plan. 

Correct application technique is vital to prevent hair breakage and if not applied correctly they can be painful. This is normally caused by applying them too close to the scalp, an incorrect amount of hair placed in the attachments, or the extensions not lying flat to your head. 

Kiki stylists all undergo regular extensive training for each application technique to ensure a perfect, safe and comfortable application for all clients.

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Can I pick up my order? Do you offer pick ups? Brisbane pick up

Do you offer pick up?

Yes we do! Contact Kiki to organise the collection of your order from our Brisbane HQ 🛍

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Usage and Care

How long does it take to apply hair extensions?

All of our Kiki hair extensions are super quick and easy to apply, with each method varying in application time. Our quickest hair extensions to apply are our Clip On Ponytails, as they can be appl...

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