How long does it take to apply hair extensions?

All of our Kiki hair extensions are super quick and easy to apply, with each method varying in application time.

Our quickest hair extensions to apply are our Clip On Ponytails, as they can be applied within a few minutes. Check out this tutorial on How To Apply your Kiki Ponytail. 

Our Halo Hair Extensions are just as quick as our Ponytails and can be applied in minutes! Check out this video for a tutorial on How To Apply Halo Hair Extensions.

Our Clip In hair extensions take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes. The more you apply your Clip In extensions the quicker the process will become. 

Our other more permanent hair extensions can be applied within an hour or two at one of our salons. To book call us on 1300 545 442.


Not sure which is the perfect shade for you?

We offer a Bespoke Colour Matching service to help you find the right Colour for your hair.

Send us the best 3 photos you have of your hair, and our Colour Matching Gurus will send you the link to your perfect shade!