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Article: Can I straighten or curl my hair extensions?

Can I straighten or curl my hair extensions?

Since we use Remy Human Hair you can straighten, curl and blow-dry your Kiki Hair extensions as if they were your own. We recommend using a heat protector when styling your Hair Extensions, as you should with your own hair too.

We also recommend using your styling tools on a low heat seating to ensure your hair extensions last as long as possible. Hair extensions require a lower heat setting because they are not constantly getting revitalised from our scalp like our natural hair. This means they aren't getting constant nutrition, so using a lower heat setting will allow them to last much longer. 


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Can I pick up my order? Do you offer pick ups? Brisbane pick up

Do you offer pick up?

Yes we do! Contact Kiki to organise the collection of your order from our Brisbane HQ 🛍

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Product Information

Will hair extensions damage my own hair or hurt?

The methods that we specialise in at Kiki Hair Extensions are the most up to date methods on the market, that have been proven to not cause any damage or stress to your own hair, providing you foll...

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