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Article: Can I colour my own hair with my extensions in?

Can I colour my own hair with my extensions in?

Yes, you can. The bonds of our hair extensions are very strong and will not get damaged should you dye your hair whilst they are in. However, most of our customers get their colour done at their maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks whilst your hair extensions are out to ensure a perfect application and save time. 

We highly recommend speaking with one of our expert colour specialists before purchasing your Kiki Hair Extensions. This is also recommended if you are repurchasing the same shade as we can not guarantee an exact shade match between batches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the hair extensions match my own hair colour?

Our Hair Extensions come in over 50 colours and blends including Balayage Hair Extensions, Ombre Hair Extensions, Two-tone, Highlight and Lowlight Hair Extensions, Pop and Pastel Colours.  We stock...

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Returns and Exchanges

The colour I ordered online is not suitable for my hair colour. What do I do?

At Kiki, we understand that selecting the perfect colour can be tricky. If your shade is not quite right when you receive it we can exchange for an alternative shade, set and/or method as long as ...

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