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Article: 10 Reasons to Buy Hair Extensions

10 Reasons to Buy Hair Extensions

10 Reasons to Buy Hair Extensions

Whether your hair is short or long, thin or thick — our hair extensions can achieve the hair of your dreams with longer, thicker or more voluminous locks. Here are 10 reasons to buy hair extensions 👇🏼 

1. Add thickness & volume Quickly achieve natural or maximum thickness for your fine, thin, med or dull hairstyle. Volume helps with the overall look and feel of your hair and confidence 

2. Add length with dreamy & thick rupunzel locks with different lengths and weights to suit your needs.

3. Long Lasting: Our Hair Extensions are long lasting which you will be wearing for years! Clips, Halos and Ponytails can be worn for years as our Tape and Weft have 6-9+ month life expectancy. 

4. Super High Quality: Made from Premium Remy Human Hair we take pride in providing the highest quality for gorgeous locks. They look and feel real just like your own hair

5. Diverse Styling with heat tools: Sleek it, Curl it, Straighten it, Wave it - use heat tools to creative different styles and looks.

6. Versatile Hair Styles: Create diverse styling results like down & out, high or low Ponys, half up & down looks , braids and more!

7. Comfortable & Seamless Blends: Our hair extensions are uniquely designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair and are virtually undetectable. Our colours are uniquely created to ensure we can match your hair perfectly within our range.

8. Non Damaging: Hair Extensions like Clips and Halos can easily benefit your natural hairs’ health by allowing it to repair and grow while giving the illusion of thick, beautiful locks. 

9. Elevate your confidence: Enhance your inner & outer confidence + your overall attitude by elevating your natural beauty. Your Hair is the crown to your head after all - slay it Queen! 

10. Lighten & brighten your hair: Add foils or highlights to your natural hair without the damage with a pre-foiled shade.

There are so many more reasons to buy yourself the perfect set matched to suit your hair colour and hair goals. They are easy to apply, ethically sourced and are ready to wear with no experience and salon needed! (Except for our tape and wefts which do require a salon appointment). 

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