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Article: Kiki Hair's Hottest In Salon Trends

Kiki Hair's Hottest In Salon Trends

Kiki Hair's Hottest In Salon Trends

 With salons spanning multiple states in Australia we thought we would see what the key trends our stylists are getting asked for the this season. You asked, we delivered and here are the results:

#1 Sleek And Stylish 

Pioneered by our fave celebs, long and sleek seems to be the number one style that our stylists are getting asked for. Middle parts and killer lengths with lots of volume to the bottom, showcased in thick and glossy locks.

Be sure to add lots of nourishing serum and heat protector to your extensions before and after using your hair straightener for this look. We of course recommend the amazing Kiki Hydrate series for this


#2 Big Hair

its all about contrast, and it turns out, curls get the girls… going wild!

Volume, height and length is where It is at right now. Let your animal instincts run wild with this bigger than ever hair. Sandy from Grease may have kicked it off back in the day but it has certainly made a revival and now the look is HOT.


#3 Braids

Long gone are the days when our mums used to send us to school with a super tight middle braid to “protect us from head lice”.

I’m pretty sure that we all used to pull them out the second we got through the school gate (Well I know I did).

Years on I would love to have the skills my mother did with braids because they may have made a comeback as a festival favourite, but they certainly aren't showing any signs of slowing down.

Whether you are braiding up the back of your ponytail, doing one down either side of your head or doing a short one from your fringe into a bun they are a key look this season and best worn BIG. Be sure to pull each section lose after braiding it to make it wider and messier as this look is more effective when worn a little messy.


No matter what your style, whether it be structured or wild, long or short we can tell you one thing with confidence and that is HEALTHY HAIR IS ALWAYS IN FASHION.

The easiest way to do this is A: Treat your ends! A treatment once a week should be a priority on your maintenance list to keeps your hair soft and supple. B: Fill out those ends. No one looks good with ratty hair. Period. Make sure regular visits to the salon for even the smallest trim are scheduled to avoid this look.

If length is your main aim be sure to pay a visit to our online store or book a free consultation with one of our expert stylists and they can show you the quickest and safest way to achieve your dream length without sacrificing volume, by using extensions.

To book your next appointment with Kiki Hair extensions or for a free consultation click on the button below <3


Love The Kiki Team xox

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