How To Get Tammy Hembrows Sporty And Chic "Pastel Collection" Look

Recently our resident celebrity hairstylist went on location with Tammy Hembrow to help create the hair for the launch of the new Pastel collection for Saski.

Famous for her low key but high fashion sexy sports/leisure looks Tammy had visualised a range of hairstyles perfect for her new range and along with careful collaboration we are proud to bring you the “How to” for these hot new looks.



Our 3 piece classic set of clip ins were used to create additional length and body for this look. Clipping your Kiki hair extensions in on top of the head, just behind the fringe, and leaving small sections out around the face out, simply secure the hair extensions up in a hair tie to create the pony. On set Jemma used the popular Muk Stick to curl in alternating directions which helped to create this unstructured wave, then she simply finished it off with the gorgeous pastel scrunchies



Using the messy pony from the original style including the classic set of clip ins, Jemma simply divided the pony in half and proceeded to wrap each section in opposite directions (like pictured below) to create this fashionable wrapped bun look. We recommend then securing the bottom of the bun with bobby pins around the base to create a longer lasting hold.




Sexy and sultry this swept back look is great for nights out or even casual day looks. 

By wetting down the front of Tammy's hair and spraying water liberally then using a blow dryer and nozzle, it is perfect for drying the hair straight backwards.

Once dry a mixture of spray gel and water is then sprayed generously throughout the roots and mids Jemma then set the style into place by drying it with the hairdryer again. Then, of course, a good spray of strong hold hairspray ensured this look stayed in place while on set.


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