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Article: Top-Rated Professional Hair Care Products for Long Hair

Top-Rated Professional Hair Care Products for Long Hair

Top-Rated Professional Hair Care Products for Long Hair



Kiki Hair's comprehensive range of hair care products are all made to ensure maximum protection for your hair extensions.

When we were kids, beautiful hair meant nothing more than merely using a bottle of shampoo and dry towel. But now that you've got your hair extensions, you’ve probably come to realise that caring for your hair requires a little more effort. You need to use the right products to make sure they're in excellent condition, so that you can enjoy them for a long time. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the top hair products to keep your tresses in check no matter what. 

Kiki Hydrate Range

 Kiki Hydrate Range is an amazing professiona hair care product for hair extensions.

The Kiki Hydrate range is Infused with essential and aromatic oils, Kiki hydrate products are beneficial in locking in moisture and penetrating the shaft, instantly transforming your hair into soft, shiny, and silky locks.


Kiki Intense Hydrating Moisture Shampoo is a potent mix of aromatic oils that calms and moisturises your hair. It effectively penetrates dry, brittle hair, instantly transforming it into soft, shiny locks.


Nourish and revitalise your tresses with this specially-formulated hydrating moisture conditioner. This rich conditioning cream delivers a powerful mix of oil-enriched botanicals to untangle and add instant body and shine, leaving your hair extensions soft, shiny, and silky smooth.

Hydrate Leave-in Moisturiser

The Kiki Hydrate Leave-In Moisturiser seals hair cuticles and improves hair manageability. It is formulated with a deeply-nourishing blend of exotic oils, delivering supreme protection against breakage and friction. It gives your hair extensions built-in heat protection against damage caused by thermal styling and heat.

Hydrate Hair Extensions Masque

The Hydrate Hair Extensions Masque is infused with oil-enriched botanicals, restoring vitality and leaving your hair extensions noticeably smooth, hydrated and soft.


2) Fanola

Fanola is among our top picks for beauty hair products for your hair extensions.

Fanola is one of the top professional hair care products that we highly recommend for your Kiki hair extensions. These beauty hair products provide excellent post-treatment care after you go for a hair colour. 

No Yellow Shampoo

Fanola's No Yellow Shampoo comes with a violet pigment that tones down light blonde, unwanted yellow, or streaked hair. It's ideal for super-lightened, de-coloured, or grey hair, as it helps keep your colour vibrant and consistent. 

No Yellow Mask

The No Yellow Mask definitely works hand-in-hand with the shampoo. The mask works as an after-care regimen to revitalise your hair. The mask is suitable for grey, streaked, blonde, or bleached hair, since it also comes with a special violent pigment that produces a fleeting silver result. 

No Orange Shampoo

Ideal for coloured hair with dark shades and orange tinges, Fanola's No Orange Shampoo works by cleansing and neutralising undesired red/copper reflections. It leaves the hair hydrated and looking shinier. 

No Orange Mask

    The No Orange Mask works by nourishing, hydrating, and disentangling your hair. Its thick, concentrated formula leaves your hair amazingly soft and lustrous. 


    3) Kerafill

    The Kerafill conditioner is one of our top hair care products for Kiki hair extensions.

    Kerafill products are definitely on our list of top professional hair care products . They are keratin-based treatment systems that are proven to reconstruct and help in regenerating hair quality after straightening.

    Daily Shampoo

      The Kerafill Daily Shampoo contains smoothing agents that leave hair feeling silky and give keratin treatment a long-lasting effect.

      Smoothing Conditioner

      The Kerafill Smoothing Conditioner is specially formulated with a moisture-replenishing system to coat your hair shafts with nutrients, making them shiny and healthy. 

      Treatment Pack

      The Kerafill treatment pack works by minimising frizz. It is also perfect for straightening, moisturising, and rejuvenating damaged hair, giving it a lustrous, healthy look. 

      Remedy Cream

      The Keratin Remedy Cream repairs and absorbs keratin into damaged hair. It is specially made as an after-care treatment, keeping your hair shiny and soft. The Keratin Remedy Cream contains sunlight filter, UV protector, and free radical neutraliser.


      4) 18 in 1 Blonde Intense


      Another one of our top hair products for your hair extensions is the 18 in 1 Blonde Intense range. It comes in blue and violet shampoo and treatment mask options, depending on what you need. This product line helps in keeping your blonde cool and fresh between salon visits.  

      Blue Shampoo

      The 18 in 1 Blonde Intense Blue Shampoo is infused with rich native Kakadu Plum, Argan Oil, Keratin, and amino acids. It works by removing orange tones off of your blonde, performing a deeper and faster toning result on your hair. This shampoo instantly hydrates, conditions, and tones your coloured hair while providing it with 18 beneficial properties.

      Blue Treatment Mask

      Guaranteed free of harmful sulfates, salts, and parabens, the Blue Treatment Mask can be used with keratin smoothing treatment and chemical straightening. You can apply it on your towel-dried hair for up to half an hour, depending on your desired result. It is perfect for maintaining a cooler tone on your hair for a long time.

      Violet Shampoo

      The 18 in 1 Blonde Intense Violet Shampoo works by removing the brassy tones off of your blonde. It has exact same nutrients as the Blue Shampoo, and instantly conditions, hydrates, and tones your coloured hair while providing it with 18 beneficial properties.

      Violet Treatment Mask

      Like the Blue Treatment Mask, the Violet is also free of harmful sulfates, paraben, and salts. You can apply it on your towel-dried hair for up to half an hour, depending on your desired result. This is great for maintaining a cooler tone on your hair for a long time.


      5) Colorplex Hair and Scalp Treatment

      Colorplex is one of Kiki Hair's top professional hair care products

      Colorplex hair and scalp treatment is one of the top professional hair care products that we highly recommend for our clients. It works by limiting the damage on your hair by repairing it to maintain its integrity.

      Colorplex No. 1 Bond Creator

      Colorplex No.1 creates new hair bonds while protecting the existing internal structure of your hair extensions strands, making them stronger and healthier. It also enhances their condition and suppleness.

      Colorplex No. 2 Bond Fortifier

      Colorplex No. 2 forms hair bonds to the hair cortex and smoothens the cuticle layer of your hair to create a uniform surface.

      Colorplex No. 3 Take-Home Treatment 

      Colorplex No. 3 is your very own take-home treatment to keep your hair always healthy and strong after the colour process. It will give your hair the protection it needs and fortify the hair bonds at the same time.

      6) Tangle Teezer

      Tangle teezers are among the top hair care products we highly recommend for your Kiki Hair extensions.

      Widely preferred by celebrities around the world, the Tangle Teezer is one of our top hair products. It comes in an innovative design to fit perfectly into your hand for ultimate control. It features unique bristles that effortlessly glide through wet or dry hair, detangling knots without pulling or snagging your hair.


      Washing your Hair Extensions

      When washing your Kiki hair extensions, we suggest you hydrate them as much as you can. Unlike our natural hair, extensions don’t get the nutrients and oils from our scalp. We highly recommend that you avoid products that contain alcohol or sulfate, as they are very notorious for drying your hair out. You can never go wrong with using our very own Kiki Hydrate Range. 


      We hope you have learnt a lot from our blog today. Whether you’re a newbie or have used Kiki hair extensions for some time now, it pays to know how to properly care for your tresses and use only our very own range of natural hair products for them. After all, don’t you want to enjoy those gorgeous locks for as long as possible? With all the wonders that your hair extensions have done on the way you look, it’s just about right that you return some favour by taking care of them using only the right beauty hair products.


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