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Article: Australia's Best Professional Hair Colour Brands and Products

Australia's Best Professional Hair Colour Brands and Products

Australia's Best Professional Hair Colour Brands and Products


Whether you're switching your colour up with a new chestnut shade, or just want to brighten up your look with a splash of highlights, these professional hair colour brands on our list are definitely worth a try. Let’s get started, so you have an idea which one/s to go for when looking for the best hair colour products



 Fanola is one of Kiki Hair's premier hair colour products.

Preferred by hairdressers and women from all over the world, Fanola is one of our top picks for the best professional hair colour brands for you. Achieve beautiful, radiant hair using the following Fanola hair colour productswhich contain high concentrations of plant-based amino acids. 

Prestige Colour

An innovative colouring cream that’s low in ammonia and enriched with Ginkgo Biloba, Fanola’s Prestige Colour provides maximum protection for both your scalp and hair, leaving your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Prestige Colour comes in an impressive range of beautiful colours like matte, intense red, brown, chocolate, ash, red booster, natural warm, golden colours, and many more. It features the cutting-edge Triluxiv technology, which coats, shines, and allows even colour distribution. It contains 25% conditioning agents and lipids for gentle-on-hair results and has up to 100% grey coverage from roots to tips.

No Yellow Shampoo

Fanola's No Yellow Shampoo comes with a violet pigment that tones down light blonde, unwanted yellow, or streaked hair. It's ideal for super-lightened, de-coloured, or grey hair, as it helps keep your colour vibrant and consistent.

No Yellow Mask

The No Yellow Mask definitely works hand-in-hand with the shampoo. The mask works as an after-care regimen to revitalise your hair. The mask is suitable for grey, streaked, blonde, or bleached hair, since it also comes with a special violent pigment that produces a fleeting silver result.

No Orange Shampoo

Ideal for coloured hair with dark shades and orange tinges, Fanola's No Orange Shampoo works by cleansing and neutralising undesired red/copper reflections. It leaves the hair hydrated and looking shinier.

No Orange Mask

The No Orange Mask works by nourishing, hydrating, and untangling your hair. Its thick, concentrated formula leaves your hair amazingly soft and lustrous.

 18 in 1 Blonde Intense

18 in 1 Blonde Intense is another one of Kiki Hair's most widely preferred hair colour product. .

    The 18 in 1 Blonde Intense Range will help you maintain the freshness of your blonde. This comes in blue and violet shampoo and treatment mask options, depending on what you need.

    Blue Shampoo

    The 18 in 1 Blonde Intense Blue Shampoo is infused with Argan Oil, rich native Kakadu Plum, amino acids, and keratin. It works by removing orange tones off of your blonde, performing a deeper and faster toning result on your hair. This shampoo instantly hydrates, conditions, and tones your coloured hair while providing it with 18 beneficial properties.

    Blue Treatment Mask

    Guaranteed free of harmful sulfates, salts, and parabens, the Blue Treatment Mask can be used with chemical straightening and Brazilian smoothing treatment. You can apply it on your towel-dried hair for up to half an hour, depending on your desired result. It is perfect for maintaining a cooler tone in your hair for a long time.

    Violet Shampoo

    The 18 in 1 Blonde Intense Violet Shampoo works by removing the yellow tones off of your blonde. It has exact same nutrients as the Blue Shampoo, and instantly conditions, hydrates, and tones your coloured hair while providing it with 18 beneficial properties.

    Violet Treatment Mask

    Like the Blue Treatment Mask, the Violet is also free of harmful sulfates, paraben, and salts. You can apply it on your towel-dried hair for up to half an hour, depending on your desired result. This is great for maintaining a cooler tone on your hair for a long time.


    Inebrya is a professional hair colour brand that has become a popular among the young and the trendy because of its wide range of spectacular colours and personalisable colour effects. Its hair colour products are generally safe to use as they are completely free of oxidizing agents and ammonia.  


    Inebrya’s Kromask features an innovative range of hair brightening products and nourishing masks to produce beautiful but safe colour effects. Kromask is highly recommended for bleached, streaked, and natural hair and is perfect for colour brightening after hair dyeing.

    Kromask’s nourishing masks come in different colours, such as gold, lavender, caramel, intense copper, violet, cherry red, chestnut, and many more. They are made to brighten, intensify, add depth to, and create extraordinary colour effects on natural and bleached hair. Its pink nourishing colour mask is made for bleached or superlightened hair, immediately giving it a temporary fashion colour and leaving it totally hydrated.

    Ice Cream Color Shampoo

    The anti-oxidizing action of the Vitamin E in the Ice Cream Color Shampoo helps in keeping colours brilliant, while its honey extract reinvigorates damaged hair.

    Ice Cream Color Conditioner

    The Ice Cream Color Conditioner is enriched with Vitamin E, which is a known antioxidant. It also contains linseed oil extract, leaving hair soft, lustrous, and very easy to manage.

    Ice Cream Colour Mask

    The Ice Cream Colour Mask is made to revitalise damaged and stressed hair, and keep colours intense.


    Among the market leaders in the hair colour segment, L'Oréal boasts high-quality hair colour products that do not damage your hair, as they do not contain paraben, sulfate, or harsh salts. Due to its vast array of hair colour products, L'Oréal branched them out in different product lines such as the following:

    Multi-Techniques Lightening Powder

    The Multi-Techniques powder provides your hair with ultimate lightening lift in the Blond Studio range. It features a flexible formula, which allows professional colourists to perform a multitude of techniques—from mere highlights to a full-head application—so as to create your desired blonde look.

    No Damage Colour by Inoa

    The Inoa permanent colour range maximises the effect of permanent hair colour while minimising its potential damaging effects by giving your hair lipid protection. The No Damage is an odourless, ammonia-free hair colour, which promises perfect coverage and natural reflects, while treating your hair and scalp gently.

    Serie Expert

    Give your hair colour maximum protection and radiance. You can boost its shine and intensity using L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert’s Vitamino Color hair care range.  

    Color A-OX Shampoo

    The Vitamino-Color A-OX shampoo leaves your coloured hair instantly soft and smooth. It is enriched with a powerful anti-oxidant complex, allowing your hair colour to shine more vibrantly. It eliminates residue, while giving your hair full protection.

    Color A-OX Conditioner

    - The Vitamino Color A-OX Conditioner provides rich texture, leaving your hair smoother and easier to untangle. When used with the Vitamino Shampoo, it gives your hair more shine and vibrancy.

    - Vitamino Color A-OX 10 in 1 Spray

      - The Colour 10 In 1 Spray is every professional stylist’s secret to enhance hair colour.  


      Owned by the L'Oréal  group, Redken has made its mark in the hair colour market for providing fashion-forward, innovative hair products to address the needs of everyone, especially the chic and the sophisticated.


      Chromatics is Redken’s revolutionising hair colour, which is made to strengthen your hair’s every fiber, keeping your colour amazingly shiny. It features an Oil Delivery System (ODS2) and Protein Extract Technology to deliver a radiant hair colour without the use of ammonia, leaving your hair a lot stronger than before it was dyed.  

      Blonde Idol

      The Blonde Idol contains an exclusive Kera-Bright System, made to treat every blonde shade, from dark to bright shades and warm to cool colours. The Blonde Idol is enriched with a pH-balanced formula, which seals your hair surface while protecting its colour.

      Colour Extend Magnetics

      Developed specifically for colour-treated hair, the Colour Extend Magnetics is formulated with Redken’s RCT protein complex, giving your hair unbeatable protection.


      Along with some of the most recognisable professional hair colour brands in the industry, Wella prides itself on a name that is synonymous to high quality. It has set the benchmark for creativity and expertise in hair colour. Here are two of its popular hair colour products.

      Koleston Perfect

      Koleston Perfect is among the elite hair colour product lines trusted in over 100,000 salons worldwide to provide exceptional colour results and hair care. It contains up to 25% lipids and conditioning agents to ensure proper colour care and gentle-on-hair results.

      Koleston Perfect Innosense 

      Wella’s vibrant permanent colour brand, Koleston Perfect Innosense is formulated to lower the risk of developing allergy even on the most sensitive of users. It comes in 27 gorgeous shades, from brunette and blonde, to daring red and bold black, made to suit everyone’s need.

      So there you have it—the best professional hair colour brands and products. Back in the day, hair colour was merely used to cover grey hair, but the brands such as those we have mentioned above have taken significant strides towards making hair dyeing a must for any hair and beauty enthusiast. With all the new shades and highlights that have emerged—such as the popular balayage and ombre shades—hair colouring has now become a fashion statement in itself, continually changing with fashion forecasts and seasonal trends.

      We truly hope you had fun reading our blog today. If you ever need our help in getting a good colour switch-up, by all means, please drop us a line. We promise we'll get back to you in a heartbeat! You can also see us at any of our Kiki Hair Salon branches. Till our next blog. Ciao! 



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