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Article: Your Kiki Clip In Extensions Guide

Your Kiki Clip In Extensions Guide

Your Kiki Clip In Extensions Guide

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Clip In Extensions are super easy to apply, style, and look after - BUT just like anything high quality - you must look after them for long-lasting results. See the below guide for all your Hair Care tips & tricks for everything you need to know about your Clip In Extensions. 


There are some people who like to sleep in their Clip In Hair Extensions - we do not recommend doing this for any of your temporary Hair Extensions (Clips, Halo or Ponytail). Yes, yes we know … but sometimes in can be tricky after after a long night out, however just like makeup damaging your skin by leaving it on over night, you could potentially damage your natural hair by leaving your clips in. 

We always recommend removing them after you have finished for the day, or at night before bed. When storing your hair extensions for the night, be sure to remove any tangles and brush the hair thoroughly with a brush - we recommend using a loop brush. The best storage for your Clips is

  • Plaiting them, using a Scrunchie for the ends
  • Placing them in a satin or silk pillow case, in a cool dry place like your wardrobe or drawer. 
  • You can also store your Clips in a clean, dry box, container or satchel that you received them in
  • Or you can display your Kiki Clips by hanging it in your wardrobe 
How you care for your Clip Ins will ultimately affect its longevity. The key is to remember to treat your Clip In Extensions with high-care just as you would your own hair by hydrating, cleansing, conditioning and styling with the proper hair-care tools.


Depending how often you wear your Clips - daily  / weekly upkeep can be required for maximising the life of them. Applications of small amounts of oil & moisturising leave-in-end-creams to the Clip Ins, will keep them feeling silky-smooth and hydrated for their longevity.

Always spray with a light heat or thermal protecting product to avoid causing heat damage to the hair. Always avoid products with protein contained - even just a little bit can be harmful.

Please keep in mind to avoid product build up. If your hair extensions start to feel greasy or knotty - this may be due to the amount of products you have applied , without yet having washed the extensions. Remember once you apply the product, like heat protectant, the product will remain on your extensions until you wash them, so keep track! 💖

Some of us are also moving constantly and everything from movement, the wind, rain, and other environmental factors will contribute to your extensions becoming tangled, just like your own hair. Keep a loop brush in your bag or at your desk for easy access, so that you can keep your Clips smooth all day! This is the best styling tool for removing tangles and keeping the pony detangled. 



If you’ve made the decisions to invest in high-quality Extensions, chances are that you want to keep them for as long as possible. Regular upkeep of your Kiki Clip In Extensions will extend the life of them for months,  and for some even years!  Whether it’s your first or fifth set, we have the best tips to keep your Extensions gorgeous and luxurious. 

First, be sure that you keep your hair extensions clean and hydrated. We recommend washing your Kiki Clip Ins every 20-30 full day wears. Yes… that’s 20-30 full days meaning morning- night wear. The more you wash your extensions, the less they will last. 

Always use Sulfate-free Products and avoid anything that contains Protein or Hydrolysed Keratin as this can and will cause irreversible damage even after juse one use such as shedding, drying, matting and tangling. Harsh shampoos that contain sulfates, alcohol, parabens, parfums can also cause the hair to become dull, dry, and damaged. 

Never wash your Clip In Extensions while they are still attached to your natural hair, this could cause damage,
split ends, and breakage. 

  1. Fill a container or your bathroom basin with mildly warm water.  Lather your extensions in the water to pre-soak them ensuring you avoid wetting your clips band / the clip ins themselves.
  2. Apply your Hydrating or Cleansing Shampoo on your extensions and massage in with your fingers in a downwards, circular GENTLE motion Avoid Shampoos that have potent colours to avoid any “grabbing”. Avoid twisting, scrubbing or rubbing the hair to avoid tangles.
  3. Rinse Extensions off in basin or mildly warm water 
  4. Repeat Process with your Hydrating Conditioner, leaving your condition to sit for 5-20 mins (ensure you read your product information).
  5. Repeat rinsing process.
  6. After conditioning, sone clients like to let their Clips naturally dry by laying them down on a towel until completely dry, or gently blow drying on low heat with heat protectant. 
    Your natural hair will benefit greatly from the sebum produced by the scalp. This natural oil helps your natural hair remain moisturised and full of sheen. However, you must restore this moisture to extension hair because it is not attached to your scalp. This is to prevent the hair from becoming dry and lackluster in appearance. You can do this by deep conditioning the hair, depending on how often you wear your Clips. Look for ingredients that are enriched with botanicals blends, butters, oils and moisturisers to help smooth and hydrate the hair. Avoid all protein , and please contact Kiki with any questions. 


    The beauty of purchasing high-quality human hair extensions is that you can cut, style, and curl them as you please. We do believe less is best, and as we have a huge range we should have sometime to suit everyone.

    You can have your extensions customised and colored darker to complement your tone or style, or you could have them trimmed and styled to complement your natural features. 

    We highly recommend never bleaching your Remy Human Hair Extensions - at all costs. This is extremely damaging to the hair just as it is to your own hair, except the hair extensions do not reproduce natural oils and protein like your extensions and cannot be restored once bleached. Bleaching strips the hair of all color deposits as well as necessary moisture in the hair. The lighter you attempt to bleach the hair the more damage it will cause.

    You can use purple shampoo / toners if you have no other option - we recommend never placing the purple shampoo or toner directly on the extensions as this can grab and stain the extensions. 

    Please see Kikis' Blog the Truth About Blonde Hair Extensions Maintenance

    We suggest contacting a qualified professional or Salon who are skilled in the proper techniques and have the appropriate tools and equipment to tone the hair appropriately. 

    Alternatively if you choose to purple shampoo / tone your extensions at home, please read our How to purple Shampoo / Tone your Extensions at home Blog here:

    Or please find Tutorial here with Natalie showing you how to Colour / Tone your Extensions at home:  HOW TO COLOUR / TONE YOUR KIKI EXTENSIONS

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