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Achieve long, luscious locks in the comfort of your own home with Kiki’s Clip In Extensions.

With many different types of hair extensions around, it can sometimes become a bit confusing or overwhelming choosing the right method. Find out more about what Clip In Hair Extensions are below👇🏼 


Clip In Extensions are an easy way to get thicker, longer hair — at home with no salon or experience needed! They are a fabulous way to repair & grow your natural hair,  while achieving instant volume, thickness & length with no damage or commitment. Ready-to-wear, undetectable and blends seamlessly with your hair. 

Our lightweight Clip-Ins are easily clipped into your hair with seperate clip-pieces adding natural layering for both the back of your hair & your sides. Diverse and versatile — you can easily clip them in different places to find the perfect fit for you. We do have our guides below for our application recommendations.

Most hair types are suitable for your ready-to-wear clip ins with minimal styling and no fuss! Some clients like to take their Kiki Clip In Extensions into a Kiki Salon Recommendation or a Salon of your choice too add extra layering, style blend, or cut to desired length. There’s so much you can achieve! 


One of the main reasons why women purchase hair extensions is to add length to their hair, but thickness is another area to consider when purchasing Clip In Extensions. We offer our extensions in two sets; the Natural Classic set and the Deluxe set.


Our Classic Set weighs 120 grams and is 20-inches in length. The Classic set is suitable for most hair types to add thickness & volume only, or best for women with very fine/thin and short/layered hair for thickness, volume and some natural length. It’s perfect for those who are looking to enhance your look for adding volume, thickness and some life back to your hair


Our Deluxe Set weighs 220 grams and comes in 20-inches or 26-inches in length. These sets are suitable for most hair types to add luxe thickness, volume & length. 20” extends to your middle back, and 26” extends to your hips *depending on your height.  It will give your hair added body, bounce and fullness without anyone suspecting you are wearing hair extensions - we won’t tell 🤫 

Women that have thick blunt cuts may need to consider purchasing 2 x Deluxe sets, or 1 x Deluxe set and 1 x Classic set to match your hairs thickness and add the correct amount of hair to achieve that super thick, Seamless, and long glamorous blend.