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Micro Bead Hair Extensions - Kiki Hair

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Micro Bead Hair Extensions, also known as itips, microlinks and individuals, are one of the older ways of applying hair extensions but still one of the most popular.
Kiki Hair Extensions started using this method nearly 13 years ago and have since become renowned for our professional and excellent ability and technique in applying microbeads.
Our staff have been trained to specifically apply these beads, and it is an art that requires precision and patience.
The reason they are so popular is that they manage to camouflage so well into the hair, being invisible and yet still adding to the volume of the hair. While they are very light, about 1g of hair per piece, when used en-masse they create a beautiful, long-lasting effect.
They are also able to be placed into a pony tail, as they can rotate 180° from point of placement on the head so they are perfect for those who like to exercise and want to put their hair up and off their neck and face.
The other great thing about Micro Bead Hair Extensions is that you can swim with them! Yes! As long as you adhere to our before the process. Lather your hair in our Leave In Moisturiser to protect it from the salt or chlorine, and then tightly plait or braid them, so they’re stable during your dip.
Then once you’ve had enough of the water, just wash and dry and use the Kikki Hydrate 4 step regime to ensure the longevity of your hair extensions.
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Applying Micro Bead Hair Extensions
Unlike Clip In hair extensions which are able to be self-applied, we recommend having Micro Bead Hair Extensions applied by a trained professional. The detail and precision required needs to be taught and it is almost impossible to get the best effect doing it alone. 
Are Micro Beads safe for your hair?
Yes, they’re safe, and at Kiki hair Extensions we ensure that everything we gIve our clients is safe and always ethically sourced.
Like anything you invest in, there is a responsibility to look after them, and we have a few pieces of advice for you when you get Micro Bead Hair Extensions.
One – make sure you get them applied by a professional who understands your hair and the process. It is a waste of money otherwise!
Two – Look after them! Please remember that they need to be maintained and kept in the best condition possible and don’t go past the 6-8 week mark before you get a move up.
Three - Brush your hair properly and always check for tangles or twists and by running your fingers through all the beads. Do this at least weekly.
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How many Micro Bead Hair Extensions will I need?
We have a guide that we use to recommend a number of extensions for your needs, depending on the look and volume you’re going for.
Remember each Micro Bead is like a shoelace, so you will need more than say a Clip In hair extension. If in doubt, ask us at Kiki Hair Extensions and we can help you make the best decision for your hair goals.
Our guide is below:
¼ head – 25 pieces         Filling out front layers
½ head – 50 pieces        For broken or short fringes and top layers
¾ head – 75 pieces     Adding volume and thickening your ends
Full head – 100 pieces    For adding 2-4” and volume through your hair
Head and ¼ - 125pieces     Filling out layers and adding 4” of length
Head and ½ - 150 pieces    For adding up to 6” length and filling out blunt cuts
Head and ¾ - 175 pieces    For adding length and volume to short hair
2 full heads – 200 pieces    For those who like to wear it very long and lush and either have short hair or a blunt cut 
Will Micro Beads be suitable for my hair?
Micro Beads are popular because they are suitable for so many hair types.
It doesn’t matter the age, skin colour, gender or style, ethnicity, or hair density or length, there are Micro Beads for everyone. They are flexible and long lasting and work with your hair to make a fuller head of hair. Now, who doesn’t want that?
We just advise that you have a move up after 5-7 weeks and that you use our Kiki Hydrate products on them and keep the hair brushed and detangled.
Colour Range

Choosing the right colour is a big decision and we understand this might be overwhelming for some. Kiki Hair Extensions have an enormous range of 30 colours to choose from including - 18 popular shades, 9 beautifully blended Balayage / Ombres, and 3 highlighted foiled blends.


For our personalised colour matching service please send us a photo of your hair on my Online Chat pop up, or via email to  Our professional trained staff would love to choose your perfect shade for you.

If convenient, you can also pop into one of our Kiki Hair Extension salons for a  professional consultation in Brisbane or Melbourne.

Can I get a colour when I have Micro Beads in?
Yes you can, but please consult a professional. A professional will understand and know how to work around the Micro Beads, while they take care of your own hair, and work around when doing colour maintenance on your own hair. A professional will make sure that your Micro Beads are covered and protected when you’re having your own coloured and thus, protecting your investment.
One of the other reasons we recommend having a professional colour your hair when you have Microbeads, is that you need to make sure the hair is rinsed properly and devoid of colour so it doesn’t lead to slipping onto the Microbead.
At Kiki Hair Extensions, we have salons in Brisbane and Melbourne and can colour your hair if you have Micro Beads. Please call us to book in an appointment on 1300 54 54 42
Ordering Kiki Hair Extensions
You can visit us at where you can find everything Hair Extension related. Blogs, Before + Afters, our Instagram and more for your hair-inspo. You can also pop in and visIt us at one of our salons in Melbourne or Brisbane and have all your hair needs taken care of, from straightening to colouring to Hair Extensions and more.
We offer FREE worldwide shipping, and send orders on a daily basis to all of our lovely clients.