How do I apply clip in extensions?

Clipping in your Kiki Hair extensions is quick and easy and with some practice should only take you 10 minutes. The following steps can be taken to apply your Clip Ins!

All of our hair extensions come with a clip that is secured to the weft. Each clip has a silicone grip underneath to prevent the weft from slipping. Simply snap the clip open, and snap it back to close it. 

  1. Firstly, prepare your natural hair for application. If you want a seamless result, blow-drying and straightening the ends of your hair will give your hair more volume and make the ends of your natural hair less obvious. 

  2. Starting at the nape of your neck section off the top of your hair. After brushing the hair, apply your first piece, starting with the middle clip and working outwards. 

  3. Continue this throughout your hair with each piece being placed approximately 1 inch above the other.

  4. Continue doing this until you are satisfied and brush and style your Kiki Hair Extensions as desired. 

It may take a little practice to become a pro at applying your extensions, but practice makes perfect!