How to get the Kardashian look with hair extensions


There is no way you will scroll through Instagram without seeing celebrities and influencers rock long straight hair just like Kim KardashianIt’s no secret that A-list babes Kim Kardashian WestJennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande have the fiercest hair in the game, and that’s because they all hair luscious hair extensions and look after them with such care.

Application to the eye is so important; the application of extensions should fit in around the face. If you close someone’s face off with hair, you lose their whole face. More than anything make sure your extensions are being placed by someone with good eye placement and the experience is outstanding. Practice makes perfect!

Caring for your Kiki Extensions

Caring for your extensions is very important, we advise to take an hour a day to treat, brush and love your extensions; even the most high-quality hair can look bad if the client isn’t caring for it. We recommend a sulphate-free shampoo like Color Wow Color Security Shampoo because it doesn’t include conditioning agents and silicones that can loosen glue or tape. “It keeps the hair super fresh and light.” Also crucial is having the right brush. We recommend our clients to use the Tangle Teezer gently on wet hair without exerting too much pressure; care will create the nice, professional and healthy look that Kim is constantly walking around with.

You know the confidence that lets you strut down the street, tousle your locks, and playfully whip your hair back and forth. That’s how you should feel, some of our clients say “When I do it, though, I end up feeling silly for even trying, sweeping some 12 strands over my shoulder instead of a thick and luxurious mane. My life isn’t a Pantene ad, it turns out, and despite my forays into supplements, conditioners, and hair-centric diets, and my hair remains thin as ever.” The only thing we can recommend are some nice new extensions, placed nicely aligned with your face and also be sure to grab a bottle or a few of our treatments! This will keep the extensions healthy, and once again celebrity like.

Want a quick tip on how to style your extensions just like Kim also? To seamlessly transition from blunt bob to hip grazing locks, Kim braids back the hair at the side of her face to avoid any shorter hairs poking out. She braids all the way to the back so that the hair extensions can fall seamlessly and there’s only the shorter pieces at the back to blend. This hack is perfect for anyone with short hair or a blunt haircut and will allow you to go that little bit longer if you want to. We’ve talked about our hack for tying up the hair at the nape of your neck a million times but this is one step further and would work amazingly well for thick hair. It’s essentially a super skinny Dutch braid and might be fiddly at first but so easy with some practice. You want to start by creating a section of hair around your hairline. Just make sure to leave enough hair out at the front to cover it, as Kim has. You can then braid either side back to meet in the middle and secure it with some bobby pins. Once you’ve finished, clip your extensions in as normal and you’re done! Now wait for those compliments girl!

Love Kiki x

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