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Article: Tape Hair Extensions and How They Can Benefit You

Tape Hair Extensions and How They Can Benefit You

Tape Hair Extensions and How They Can Benefit You

 Kiki tape hair extensions are the best tape hair extensions in Melbourne and Brisbane

If you’re looking for the best hair extensions method for you, you might have heard how popular tape hair extensions in Australia are. They quickly became a hit among women and stylists alike and have given hair extensions a very good reputation. But what is it about this method that sets it apart from all the others? Let's discuss the reasons why Kiki tape hair extensions are so popular and how they can benefit you.  


1) They Come In A Complete Range Of Colours, Lengths, And Volume.

We have a full range of volume and colours available including beautiful balayages, ombre, highlights, toned blondes and more, depending on your desired result. Kiki tapes come in 20" and 26" lengths, and you can cut them to suit your current hairstyle. 

- 20 Pieces: Half Head 50grams - For volume only

- 40 Pieces: Fully Head 100grams - For a more natural result

- 60 Pieces: Full Head and a Half 150grams - To extend medium or thick hair

- 80 Pieces: Two Full Heads 200grams - To extend short hair / for maximum thickness 


2) They’re High-Quality.  

Kiki tape hair extensions are double drawn, made from 100% human European Remy hair, assuring you of sheer durability and longevity. They are made out of a premium-quality polyurethane top to ensure long-lasting wear. When well cared for, they make for a very good investment as they can last up to 12 months. 

3) They’re Made With Durable Adhesive. 

Kiki tapes are the best tape hair extensions in Brisbane because they are made with a type of adhesive that makes them durable enough to withstand hairstyling procedures, but safe enough to wear for months on end. Unlike others, the adhesive we use isn't tacky and messy during application. It is also hypoallergenic, causing no irritation even on the most sensitive of users. It allows for damage-free applications, as it doesn't involve heat or any other tool.

4) They’re Lightweight.

Another reason why Kiki tapes are the best tape hair extensions in Australia is that they are extremely lightweight on your follicles and scalp. As more hair is distributed across the weft, the weight gets evenly spread across a wide section of your natural hair. We’ve had a bunch of clients who came back to us saying that they almost forgot that they’re wearing hair extensions until it was time to get them moved up. 

The best hair tape extensions in Melbourne, Kiki tapes are easy to install and require low maintenance.

5) They Require Low Maintenance.

Kiki tapes are easy to maintain, which is due to their thin and relatively wide construction. After washing them, you will notice that they're very easy to dry. You can wear them in the shower or when you go swimming, as they are made to survive moisture.  And because they are of guaranteed high quality, Kiki tapes don't tangle, mat, or shed. Maintaining them is completely hassle-free. 

6) They’re Safe To Wear.

You may have heard traumatic stories about women who ended up getting bald patches on their head or having a lot of breakage on their hair due to wearing hair extensions. Well, good news! Kiki tapes pose no threat to the health of your natural hair. 

Kiki tape hair extensions are very safe to wear. They grow down successfully with your natural hair. Since they sit flat on your head, they are not prone to tangling or twisting near the roots, thus there is less chance of stray hair coiling around the tops. If you have fine hair, you can wear Kiki tapes without the fear of damaging your natural hair or making it brittle. We do recommend though that when brushing your tape hair extensions, you hold them with one hand to avoid any tension or pressure on your natural hair.

7) They’re Discreet.

Very thin and well colour-coordinated, Kiki tapes are the most discreet and undetectable tape hair extensions in Australia. They are nearly invisible, so much so that they move with your hair and appear completely natural. People who haven’t seen your natural hair will never be able to tell that you’re wearing faux hair. They lie flat on your head without any bulk. We have a team of highly-skilled technicians who can assess your hair texture, colour, thickness, and density to help you pull off a seamless look. 

The tape hair extensions in Australia, Kiki tapes are discreet, lightweight, and safe to wear!

8) They Are Versatile.

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities have short hair one minute then long, cascading hair the next? That’s probably because they’re wearing tape hair extensions. If you are new to hair extensions or have been using them for a while, you will see that Kiki hair tapes are the most versatile tape hair extensions in Brisbane. You can create sleek ponytails, beachy waves, braids, and so much more, out of them. You can wear them everywhere, even when going swimming or to the gym. 

We suggest though that you avoid very hot showers when washing your tape hair extensions and adjust your hair dryer to the highest setting at the root area.

9) They’re Cost Effective.

Tapes are also the easiest method for hairstylists to install, so our clients don’t have to worry about spending a lot on application costs. You don't have to worry about the colour wearing off easily when they get wet, allowing you to cut back on maintenance costs.

Kiki tape hair extensions give a full, thick look, meaning you don’t have to cover your entire head in extensions. You only need a few panels to achieve your desired result. Kiki tapes can be reused and moved up every six to eight weeks. 

Kiki tape hair extensions are the best tape extensions in Australia.

We, at Kiki Hair, are not only known for providing the best-quality tape hair extensions in Australia, but also for offering other methods, as we understand that the needs of our clients vary according to their lifestyle, hair type, or how they wear their hair. Apart from the amazing quality of Kiki tapes, we also take pride in the integrity of our highly-trained technicians, who will always give our clients an honest opinion as to what method best suits them.

We hope you find our blog today totally worth your time. If you're still up in the air about getting tapes, we hope your pursuit to find the best tape hair extensions in Australia ends here. Please feel free to talk to us, and we'll be glad to help you weigh your options very well. 




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