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Article: Hair Extensions Maintenance 101

Hair Extensions Maintenance 101

Hair Extensions Maintenance 101

If you’ve made the decisions to invest in high-quality clip-in hair extensions, chances are that you want to keep them for as long as possible. Regular upkeep of your extensions will extend the life of your hair for months, and even well into a year for some. Whether it’s your first or fifth set of clip-in extensions, we have the best tips to keep your hair gorgeous and luxurious so that no one will ever know that you’re wearing hair extensions.

First, be sure that you keep your hair extensions clean and maintained. It is recommended that you wash your clip-in extensions at least once a week if you wearing them daily. The best rule of thumb is to wash them after every 4-5 wears. You can stretch your washes in between if you wear your extensions less frequently.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo such as our Kiki Hydrate Shampoo which is made specifically for the maintenance of clip-in hair extensions. Harsh shampoos that contain sulfates can cause the hair to become dull and also damage the bonds or weft.

Never wash your clip-in extensions while they are still attached to your natural hair, this could cause damage,
split ends, and breakage. Use warm water to irrigate the hair and shampoo in a downward motion from the weft to the base. Avoid twisting, scrubbing or rubbing the hair to avoid tangles.

Apply our moisturizing Kiki Hydrate Conditioner to the extensions just as you would to your own hair.
After conditioning, allow the extensions to dry naturally by laying them down on a towel until completely dry. You could then apply the Kiki hydrate leave-in conditioner and remove any tangles using the Kiki Tangle Teaser Loop Brush. Apply a small amount of oil to the hair and continue styling as normal. Spray with a light heat or thermal protecting product to avoid causing heat damage to the hair. Human hair extensions require the same care and maintenance as your natural hair.


Kiki Haircare Hydrate Range

Your natural hair will benefit greatly from the sebum produced by the scalp. This natural oil helps your natural hair remain moisturized and full of sheen. However, you must restore this moisture to extension hair because it is not attached to your scalp. This is to prevent the hair from becoming dry and lackluster in appearance. You can do this by deep conditioning the hair weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how often you wear your clip-in extensions, with the Kiki Hydrate Replenishing Moisture Masque. The masque is fortified with an enriched botanicals blend to help smoothen and restore dry, dull hair.

Kiki Haircare Hydrate RangeStyling your clip-in extensions is as easy as styling your own hair. Stay away from products that are rich in proteins. These products could compromise the structure of the hair and reduce the lifespan of your extension hair. Instead, use products from the Kiki Hydrate hair line which are rich in moisture to keep your hair extensions looking as gorgeous as possible, for as long as possible.  

Kiki Haircare Hydrate Range

The beauty of purchasing high-quality human hair extensions is that you can cut, style, and color them as you please. Avoid bleaching the hair at all costs, this is extremely damaging to the hair just as it is to your own hair. Bleaching strips the hair of all color deposits as well as necessary moisture in the hair.

The lighter you attempt to bleach the hair the more damage it will cause. Take your clip-in hair to one of our Kiki Hair stylists who are skilled in the proper techniques and have the appropriate tools and equipment to color the hair appropriately. You can have your extensions customized and colored to complement your tone or style, or you could have them trimmed and styled to complement your natural features. Making an appointment is quick and easy using our online booking tool.
Daily upkeep is also required for maximising the life of your clip-in hair extensions.

Most of us are moving constantly and everything from movement, the wind, rain, and other environmental factors will contribute to your hair becoming tangled, just like your own hair. Keep a loop brush in your purse for easy access so that you can brush out any tangles that may arise throughout the day. This is the best styling tool for removing tangles and keeping the hair tamed.

Tangle Teezer
There are some people who like to sleep in their extensions. You can choose to remove them at night before bed or if you prefer to sleep them, it is best to braid the hair and tie it with a silk or satin scarf. If you don’t like sleeping with anything on your head, you could also sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase instead. When storing your hair extensions for the night, be sure to remove any tangles and brush the hair thoroughly with the Kiki Tangle Teaser Loop Brush. Store your clip-ins in a clean, dry box such as a shoe box or the box that you received them in.

How you care for your clip-in hair extensions will ultimately affect its longevity. The key is to remember to treat your clip-ins just as you would your own hair by cleansing, conditioning and styling with the proper care tools.

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