Colorplex No. 1 Bond Creator - 500ml

Creates new hair bonds while protecting the existing internal structure of your hair to deliver stronger, healthier hair with enhanced condition and suppleness.


  1. Mix hair colour/ bleaching powder thoroughly.
  2. Add ColorPlex No.1 Bond Creator with the following ratio guideline: FOR HAIR COLOUR SERVICE: 10:1 For every 10ml of color mixture, add 1ml of ColorPlex No.1 Bond Creator FOR BLEACHING SERVICE: 10:2 For every 10ml of bleaching mixture, add 2ml of ColorPlex No. 1 Bond Creator FOR PERM OR STRAIGHTENING SERVICE: 5:1 For every 50ml of perm or straightening mixture, add 10ml of ColorPlex No. 1 Bond Creator
  3. Rinse hair, do not shampoo and towel dry thoroughly.
  4. Followed by ColorPlex No.2 Bond Fortifier application.


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