Cadbury Brown #3 Halo Hair Extensions

$249.99 AUD

- Apply your Halo in just 10 seconds!
- Suitable for all hair types
- Fully adjustable for all head size and shape
- Easiest method to apply yourself
- Easily tighten or loosen the band
- Super comfortable
- Wear your hair up or down with your Halo
- Thick double drawn hair
- Premium quality European Hair
- Available in 20" & 26"
- Available in over 20 colours
- Ombre, Balayage & Highlight shades


- 110grams
- Perfect for fine to medium density hair
- Suitable for long hair
- A more natural thinner transformation

- 220grams
- Perfect to blend your short or blunt cut
- Suitable if you have thick hair
- A thick, glamour transformation

A: All of our Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair, of the highest quality. This allows them to be treated like your natural hair and it gives them a much longer life span. Remy Human Hair blends seamlessly with your natural hair and remains soft, silky and healthy when cared for correctly.

A: We specialise in several methods that are safe for your hair and easy to maintain, including:

  • Tape Weft Hair Extensions
  • Skin Weft Hair Extensions
  • Micro Bead Hair Extensions
  • Shrinkable Tube Hair Extensions
  • Clip-In Hair Extensions

To find out which method is going to be most suitable for you please contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation on 1300 545 442.

A: Hair extensions can be used for many reasons, including:

To add length
To add volume/thickness
To fix a bad haircut
To add highlights or lowlights
To create a Balayage/Ombre colour without lightening the ends of your own hair

A: Our Hair Extensions vary in price, depending on the following:

Your hair type or personal preferance 
To add volume/thickness
Which application method you choose
To create a Balayage/Ombre OR foiled/ highlighted result without lightening the ends of your own hair


A: No, usually you do not have to wait. We keep a full range of Hair Extensions in stock to ensure that our clients can get their Hair Extensions done at any time. If for any reason the shade & set you have ordered is out of stock, it will arrive within a reasonable timeframe to HQ and then shipped straight to you via complimentary express shipping. 

A: Our Hair Extensions come in over 30 colours and blends including Balayage Hair Extensions, Ombre Hair Extensions, Two-tone, Highlight and Lowlight Hair Extensions, Pop and Pastel Colours. We stock all of the colours at the Kiki HQ and are able to use several colours if need be to ensure a natural seamless result. Our qualified stylists also specialise in colour matching if you have a very unique colour that requires your hair or the Hair Extensions to be dyed.

A: Yes, you can. The bonds of our Hair Extensions are very strong and will not get damaged should you dye your hair whilst they are in. However, most of our customers get their colour done at their maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks whilst your Hair Extensions are out to ensure a perfect application and save time. 

A: All of our Hair Extensions are are naturally straight - with a slight wave throughout. Our Hair Extensions are kept in stock at all times to avoid waiting periods. If you are unsure whether Hair Extensions will suit your curl or wave, please come in for a consultation to view your different options and discuss it with one of our experienced technicians.

A: Online our extensions come in both 20 inch and 26 inch lengths which can be cut to the desired length. If you are wanting something shorter, we recommend getting them trimmed in one of our salons and suggest having this done while they are clipped in for the best results.

A: The shortest your hair should be for a natural result is approximately 2-3 inches long. If you are unsure whether your hair is long enough please contact us to book a consultation so we can assess this for you or send us a photo to

A: Our hair extensions are super quick and easy to apply, our Clip In extensions can be applied in between 5 and 15 minutes and tape extensions can be applied in 1-3 hours.

A: The methods that we specialise in at Kiki Hair Extensions are the most up to date methods on the market that have been proven to not cause any damage or stress to your own hair, providing you follow our simple Maintenance Plan. Correct application technique is vital to prevent hair breakage and if not applied correctly they can be painful. This is normally caused by applying them too close to the scalp, an incorrect amount of hair placed in the attachments, or the extensions not lying flat to your head. Kiki stylists undergo regular extensive training for each application technique to ensure a perfect, safe and comfortable application for all clients.

A: With regular maintenance every 6-8 weeks, Kiki Hair Extensions will last approximately 12 months. Using specifically formulated products for Hair Extensions such as the Kiki Hydrate Series also ensures that you get the maximum life out of your hair extensions.

A: You can wear your hair up or down, exercise, go swimming, and do most other things you would normally do without damaging the hair extensions. The Kiki Team are very experienced and also ensure that they are not visible when you wear your hair up.

A: Kiki Hair Extensions are virtually undetectable as the all of the different methods are specialise in have very small, discreet bonds that sit flat and close to the head. They are never too close to the hairline or part line. You are able to wear your hair up without the attachments being visible.

A: You will need to get your Hair Extensions maintained in the salon every 6-8 weeks. Like your own hair, to keep it looking great and healthy there is a little work required. Hair Extensions require regular brushing with a loop brush, wearing it in a plat to sleep at night, and using the Kiki Hydrate products to ensure your hair's longevity.

A: We don't recommend bleaching or lightening Hair Extensions as it damages the hair. You can tone and dye them darker though as this will not damage your Hair Extensions. We recommend getting a qualified hairdresser to dye your Hair Extensions as it is not your own hair it will need to be watched very closely whilst processing. It is always best to do a test strand first.

A: Yes you can style your Hair Extensions as they are 100% Remi Human Hair. It is recommended to always use a heat protector when styling your Hair Extensions, as you should be with your own hair too.

A: Clip In hair extensions do not need to be washed often, as they do not receive oils from our scalp like our natural hair. We recommend washing your extensions every 15-20 wears or when you notice a build-up of product. The less you wash your extensions the longer they will last. When you are washing your extensions you treat them similarly to your own hair, using a shampoo first followed by conditioner and a hydrating mask. When you are washing the hair never use circular motions as it may tangle the hair and always rinse thoroughly to remove excess product. If you are wearing more permanent hair extensions, like Tape, it is recommended that you wash your hair extensions 2-3 times per week with our Hydrate range, in addition to using a weekly mask.

A: Yes you can use most products on your Hair Extensions. We recommend using products that are high in moisture, and avoid using products that have a high protein content. Kiki Hair Extensions have specifically formulated products for Hair Extensions including a ShampooConditionerTreatment and Leave-in Moisturiser to ensure your Hair Extensions last as long as possible.

A: Credit Card, Paypal, Afterpay and Zippay. For our salon clients we also offer Salonpay.

A: For all questions regarding shipping, tracking and delivery please see our Shipping page. 

A: For all questions regarding exchanges and please visit our Exchanges page. 

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