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At a Consultation we go over the following:

  1. 1. Perform a Hair Analysis
  2. 2. Discuss what your are hoping to achieve or fix with Hair Extensions
  3. 3. Learn about the available application methods and maintenance required for each type, and determine which is going to be best suited to you and your lifestyle
  4. 4. Look at all of the different colours, curls and lengths. You can feel the hair quality, textures and make your choice,
  5. 5. Decide whether you would like to keep your current colour or change it prior to getting Hair Extensions
  1. 6. We will recommend the application method, how many to apply, colour, texture and length
  2. 7. Answer all of your questions about Hair Extensions
  3. 8. Advise you which Makeover Package is available for your new Hair Extensions and provide a quote
  4. 9. Make an appointment for your exciting new Hair Extensions Transformation!

At Kiki Hair Extensions we specialise in Hair Extensions, and to ensure that we are the leaders in our field and have a Colour to match all of our clients hair we keep over 50 colours in stock in our amazing Hair Extensions Show Room! We have basic natural colours, an assortment of stunning blonde hair extensions, foiled colours to blend with multi-tonal hair, reds, coppers, the very popular balayage hair extensions and ombre hair extensions, as well as some vibrant and fun colours such as lilac, pastel pink,and purples if you are feeling creative!

You are more than welcome to take a walk with us into our Hair Extensions Show Room where we can discuss the endless possibilities with your hair and have a look at our hair extensions from across the globe in every colour, length and texture you can imagine!

We also have Straight, Wavy and Curly Hair Extensions to blend with your natural hair.

makeover package $649

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