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7 little to luxe presents every girl needs to put on her Xmas list this silly season.


Its that time of year again and we have pre made your Xmas list for Santa so you don’t have to!

The perfect selection of hair accessories to help you make this the best hair season of your life.

These are the go-to of hair brushes.
No knots or frizz is too much for these guys. The flexible and gentle bristles also mean that you will never have to deal with split ends or flyaways again.
Magical hair ties that have been developed to eradicate that annoying dent from your common hair elastic. Not only do they not create a line in the hair but they miraculously are able to make tying your hair up more comfortable. Their clever design enables them to absorb some of the weight often felt with high ponytails especially and makeup styles feel like a dream.


These are really an old classic but so handy for those who struggle to sleep without ruining their hair. Rest up on a satin pillowcase at night,  knowing that you won't have to style your hair the next morning.


Relatively new to the market, hair perfumes or hair spritz as they are often called are taking the market by storm. Even high end brands such as Chanel and Gucci are adding it to their catalogue. Designed with a lower alcohol content as to not dry out the hair, all you have to do it sparingly spray your hair while holding the bottle a minimum 30cm away and enjoy they long lasting scent.


Our Xmas special sure to make the best stocking stuffers you have ever had.
Our amazingly popular hair masque and leave in moisturiser coupled with our free gift to you of either tangle ties/tangle teaser all for only $40 mean that you are not only saving more than $24.95 but also ensuring hydrated locks all summer long.
We may have sported them as children to keep our hair moisture free during shower time but one of our favourites: Peter Alexander have bought them back and now they are more fabulous and fashionable than ever. Enjoy longer lasting hairstyles with these decadent shower caps.
And of course, no full and lush hairstyle is truly complete without adding a little oompfh.
We here at Kiki recommend the 22” clip in sets to really set those hairstyles off this Xmas.  Starting at only $250 for double drawn, 22”, set of human hair extensions with over 30 shades to choose from, this competitive pricing makes it so easy to enjoy the longest and most seamless hairstyles ever.
We hope these handy tips and products inspire you as much as they have inspired us at Kiki headquarters and that you are enjoying the best hair of your life… but if you’re not, why not let us help you achieve it.
Simply purchase or book online and our trained professionals will endeavour to create the best and easiest hair looks for you.