Permanent Hair Straightening in Melbourne

Kiki Hair is the best in Brazilian smoothing and permanent straightening services in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

At some point, we women do love waves and texture, but too much of them can be a real pain. When the frizz or curls on your hair become too much work, it may be time to go for hair straightening in Melbourne. Kiki Hair is the go-to place of time-conscious women looking to get permanent hair straightening in Melbourne. Let’s learn more about our very own premier hair smoothing and straightening services in our Melbourne salon and see which one suits your hair better.


Brazilian Smoothing Treatment

We, at Kiki Hair, are the best in Brazilian zmoothing treatment service in Australia.

Although technically not a hair straightening service, Brazilian smoothing treatment has made Kiki Hair the best in hair straightening in Melbourne because of the dozens of clients who turn to this method for its straight effect.

How It Works

Our Brazilian smoothing treatment works by sealing your hair cuticles with a coating of keratin, which eliminates frizz and adds shine and softness to your hair. We are prone to losing the keratin that we naturally have in our hair because of the chemicals and heat styling tools that we expose our hair to. When the natural keratin is stripped off, your hair can look lifeless, dry, and frizzy. This treatment aims to put back the keratin on your hair, restoring its vitality, smoothness, and shine.  

Our Brazilian smoothing treatment has made us the best in hair straightening in Melbourne, because the products that we use contain no harsh chemicals. They are enriched with Argan oil, collagen, and silk amino acids, which are natural components that help smoothen out the frizz in a healthy way. The products flawlessly combine with our hair’s natural keratin when ironed, which is referred to as the “sealing process.”

The procedure itself can last anywhere between one and three hours, depending you’re the density, length, and type of your hair.

How Long It Lasts

Our Brazilian smoothing treatment can last anywhere between three to six months, depending on your hair type and maintenance. Virgin hair, on the other hand, would need a reapplication after four weeks. 


After the treatment, you will see that your hair has become a lot smoother, easier to style, and more manageable. You will still be able to wear it curly or wavy and enjoy the freedom to style your hair in a fraction of the time.

Our Brazilian smoothing products, Behave Keratin Treatment and Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment, are formaldehyde-free. You can enjoy your frizz-free, smooth hair without have to worry about damaging it and your overall health.  They are generally safe to use for any type of chemically-treated hair—permed, relaxed, straightened, or coloured.

Colouring After Treatment

If you want to dye your hair, we suggest you do it after two normal washes. A reapplication may be required if you dyed your hair before the treatment, as the result may vary to some extent. 

Post-Treatment Care

We have a complete line of hair care products that you can use post treatment, so that you can enjoy perfect smoothness and long-lasting treatment benefits.  

Kerafill Daily Shampoo- It contains non-sodium chloride formulation, which provides a perfect environment that cleans and repairs chemically-treated hair. It also has smoothing agents that increases shine.

Keratin Keratin-Smoothing Conditioner- It is formulated with a moisture-replenishing system to infuse vital nutrients to every hair shaft, making your hair healthy and shiny.

Kerafill Remedy Cream- It repairs and absorbs Rich Keratin into damaged hair. It contains a sunlight filter, UV protector and free radical neutraliser.

Shiseido Permanent Straightening

The result speaks for itself--no surprise why Kiki Hair is the best in permanent straightening in Melbourne.

Kiki Hair is the best in permanent hair straightening in Melbourne because we use top-of-the-line products that include the Japanese straightening brand known as Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straightening System. Here’s how it will transform your dull, frizzy hair to shiny, pin-straight locks.

How It Works

Shiseido Crystallizing Straightening is our in-salon thermal straightening service, which aims to repair your hair cuticles and its inner tissues for a permanently beautiful, straight hair. 

Since, this treatment method is not applicable for all hair types, we highly suggest for our clients to go for a consultation prior to getting the service. That way, we can fully assess the type and condition of your hair

During the procedure, we saturate your hair with the solution, which contains a chemical that breaks down the bonds, giving each strand its shape.  We then rinse, blow-dry, and meticulously flat-iron each sub-section of your hair. This process is called thermal straightening. The flat irons that we use can heat up to precise temperatures to complement the work of the product itself. 

This permanent straightening method is a detailed and intricate process. It can take anywhere between four and six hours, depending on the length, density, or thickness of your hair. It can also take up to eight hours, if your hair is very long and thick. 

How Long It Lasts

This hair straightening service in Melbourne is a permanent service, which means your hair will remain straight until it grows out. We recommend that you get your hair touch-up no sooner than three months. Depending on the growth of your hair, you can come in to get the regrowth retouched no more than three times a year, since you need at least three inches of growth. This also gives your hair time to breathe. 

Benefits of Permanent Straightening

This permanent hair straightening service in Melbourne has grown so popular for a number of reasons. This treatment saves you the hassle of having to fight frizz from any physical activity or humidity. You’re also likely to save a lot of time, as hair straightened in this method is much easier and faster to dry. You can also spare yourself from the painstaking task of having to blow-dry/iron your hair before going to work or any event.

Colouring After Treatment

We recommended that you colour your hair a week after your treatment. However, we can perform a colour service with our F Program treatment earlier for you.

Post-Treatment Care

The first three days after your permanent hair straightening treatment is as crucial as the treatment itself. This serves as the waiting period, giving the hair the time it needs to finish the neutralising process. During this time, you should avoid getting your hair wet in any way. We suggest you skip exercising during this time as well.

Avoid exposing your hair to hairstyling products like gels, wax, mousse, hairspray, etc. Also, avoid tucking your hair behind your ears or tying it. After the 72-hour period, we recommend you use Shiseido professional hair care products, including the shampoo and hair mask (HPT hair oil and Aquafix leave-in treatment).

We, at Kiki Hair, are the best in permanent straightening in Melbourne, because we believe in the importance of offering expert advice prior to each in-salon service. Whether you want to achieve just manageable, frizz-free hair, or go for super straight hair, we will give you a straightforward suggestion as to which method is ideal for your hair, based on its treatment history, type, and condition. 

Only then will we be able to tell you if you’re a good candidate for permanent straightening; else, we will suggest the Brazilian smoothing treatment as an alternative, especially if your hair is already very brittle or damaged. Remember, you're not just our client; you're a family. 

With much love, 

Kiki Hair xo