Xmas Party Hair Inspiration

SOFT WAVE Using Extensions

This look can be created by using either a curling wand or a hair straightener, whichever is easy for you to curl with. The trick to this style is doing the curls nice and tight. Then brush, brush, brush!

Ombre Hair Extensions



Its quick easy and effective. Simply backcomb the top third of the hair and place the extensions in the bottom 3rd then tie the rest up. Make sure to wrap your hair around the hair tie and pin into place.


Ponytail hair extension inspiration



This is a surprisingly easy way to glam up any average workday hairstyle. A perfect style for those who like to keep it simple and chic. Can be created no matter what hairstyle you have. Wavy, curly or even fuzzy heads of hair are no match for this style.

All you will need is some smoothing serum, a backcomb and some bobby pins. Divide into 4 sections and loosely twist, then pin up and under near the nape of the neck. Loosen as you go.

Wedding hair inspiration

These 3 easy styles are sure to impress even the chicest of co-workers.

All you will need is a tail comb, hair tie and a few bobby pins and you are set to impress.